‘We are raising more money for the rich’ revisited: some thoughts


The exposure of Cameron’s lie that the welfare “reforms” are about “making work pay” and his Freudian-style slip – “We are raising more money for the rich” – during Parliamentary debate on 12th December 2012 deserve a little scrutiny and analysis. This was a memorable Commons debate, with Ed Miliband delivering some outstanding challenges to David Cameron, some of which provoked the Freudian-style slip, and exposed the traditional Tory values and neoliberal ideology underpinning their policies.

So Cameron is raising more money for the rich. Get outta town! Well, it’s not as if most of us haven’t spotted the growing gap between the wealthiest and the poorest, and made a fundamental connection there.

Tax avoidance and evasion costs this Country at least £69 billion a year, at a conservative estimate. Also, note that the highest earners each stand to gain a further £107, 000 EXTRA per year, courtesy of the Tory-led Coalition.

That’s most certainly reflects traditional Tory ideological commitments, and it drags Osborne’s sham “economic strategy” shrieking into daylight, revealing it starkly for what it is. The real reason for the austerity measures this Government have inflicted on the poorest citizens is that Tory sponsors and very greedy, hoarding rich people are being handsomely rewarded with tax payers money.

The money for our welfare provision, our healthcare, our public services, schools, and so on, is being stolen from the British public and backhanded to the undeserving rich – there is the REAL “culture of entitlement”.

Private companies, many of which donate to the Conservative party, and have a subsequent powerful (and corrupt) lobbying influence on Tory policies, are making a fortune from the poverty that has been inflicted on many citizens. We have seen that the private sector do not deliver public “services” or meet public needs at all. (AtosA4E , G4S, for example.)

Private companies simply make profit. Indeed, that profit is all too often made at the expense of the well being of Citizens. That is most certainly and clearly true of Atos.

Ed Milliband said: ‘David Cameron and George Osborne believe the only way to persuade millionaires to work harder is to give them more money.’

‘But they also seem to believe that the only way to make you (ordinary people) work harder is to take money away.’ 

A very well spotted contradiction regarding Cameron’s claims about how “incentives” work. Apparently, the rich are a different kind of human from the majority of human beings. One set of punitive incentives for the poorest, another set of deluxe incentives, based on reward, for the wealthiest. That’s most certainly discrimination, embedded in Tory policy.

Cameron rewards his wealthy friends and has a clear elitist agenda, while he funds his friends and sponsors by stealing money from the tax payer, by stripping welfare provision and public services down to the bare bones. The truly terrible and catastrophic thing is that some are paying for Cameron’s shameful and unwarranted generosity to the already wealthy with their very lives. 73 sick and disabled people die on average every week, having their benefit claim ended by the Department for Work and Pensions.

This Government have written targets into Atos’s contract when they renewed it: 7 out of 8 claimants to lose their benefit. That indicates quite clearly that people are losing their benefit regardless of whether or not they they are fit to work, since the target exists before the claimant is even assessed.

Cameron’s generosity to his pals means eugenics by the back door for the most vulnerable citizens.

  • Article 2 of the Convention of Human Rights uses the following definitions of genocide, amongst others: 
  • Killing members of the group Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.

However, under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, disabled people are not currently recognised as a clearly defined protected group. The many deaths of vulnerable people are currently being denied or passed off as “unintended consequences” of Coalition policies.

The persistent denials and consistent refusal to carry out a cumulative impact assessment, or conduct an independent investigation into the many  deaths indicates, to me, that those policies are intentional. The Coalition have no intention of changing them.

Taking money from the most vulnerable and poorest members of Society means they are unlikely  to be able to meet their basic biological needs. Welfare provision – our various benefits system – was based on the carefully calculated amounts we need to survive, so the amount of benefit we have meets just basic needs. The Tories have cut that basic survival level from the money we paid in for our own provisions and services. Meanwhile, those provisions and services are being sold off to Tory-sponsoring businesses. What a truly cunning heist.

This is not just about an ideologically motivated economic theft from the people with the least, and a redistribution of wealth to those that need it least, the Tories have also waged an existential attack: a psychic war is being waged on us every bit as much as a fiscal one, with the media on the enemy frontline, attacking on a linguistic and psychological level every day.

Unemployed, ill and disabled people have been redefined, semantically reduced, dehumanised, and demarcated from the rest of the population and turned into the ‘others’, and this divisive strategy has paid off for the enemy, because we are now regularly attacked by our own side: by those people who are also with us on this increasingly sparsely resourced, economically excavated side of the growing inequality divide.

Imagine what that does to faith and hope. For those of you that are not sick and/or disabled, I can tell you that it is often a very isolating and lonely experience. That is made so much more unbearable by prejudice and hate from other people. To be excluded further from everyday life and experience, both materially and existentially, brings about a terrible, bleak, desolating sense of social abandonment and a very real imprisonment.

We are living in a Government-directed culture of division and hatred.  

It’s no coincidence that hate crime against disabled people has risen steeply over this past two years. Most of us have experienced some verbal abuse from members of the wider public, at the very least. It’s become such a common experience that it may be regarded as almost normalised behaviour.

So let’s get this right… Cameron claims that the wealthy need more money as an incentive to work, whereas the poor need money taking from them via “Reforms” to “incentivise” them to work harder. Sixty percent of the welfare cuts will affect the working poor most of all. So much for the flat lie that Cameron and Co. are “making work pay”. The jobless, of course, are to be starved into finding none-existent jobs, in an economic depression.

Everyone knows that when people are prevented from meeting basic needs – food, fuel and shelter –  they die. It’s an irrefutable fact. Consider the new sanction regime that the Tory – led Government has just introduced from December 3rd 2012. Up to three years with no benefit at all for those benefit claimants that don’t “meet certain conditions for eligibility.” 

That certainly contravenes fundamental and established human rights. And it is certainly calculated and deliberate removal of the means that the poor have of basic survival. That is certainly a calculated and deliberate eugenics agenda.

Bearing in mind that the Government has set sanction targets for the DWP, and also, we know that claimants are set up to be sanctioned by DWP staff, we know that the sanction regime is just another way that the Government are stripping welfare, punishing and harming claimants, and in a recession (some are calling it a depression).

How on earth did it become the ‘norm’ – for a government to punish people by withholding public funds to deny them their basic survival needs? How is it acceptable in any way that people are being punished by starvation and the threat of homelessness? This is a government creating destitution within a targeted sector of the population.

What kind of Government would do that? This is Cameron’s Cruel Britannia. Killing vulnerable citizens via policy IS deliberate.

People are dying so that Cameron can hand out their publicly funded welfare provision budget as pocket money for the already rich.

We are raising more money for the rich

Hansard source and my original article 


 Many thanks to Robert Livingstone for his brilliant artwork

Worth reading:

Ed Miliband challenges Cameron on the massive growth of food banks over the past two years –I never thought the big society was about feeding hungry children in Britain,” Miliband tells Cameron.

On the subject of foodbanks – private companies with Conservative connections are benefiting from ‘reform’ of the British welfare state



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54 thoughts on “‘We are raising more money for the rich’ revisited: some thoughts

    1. Thanks, Jayne. They do fight well, this was one excellent example, and there are others. Like the one led by Dennis Skinner regarding the WCA.

      I think Ed is just getting into his stride 🙂


  1. No, sorry but the Government have steadfastly refused to make the contract open to public scrutiny. And of course they deny that targets exist. This is an indefensible position, and the claim is that the Government is obliged to protect the interests of private business.

    However, Dr Steven Bick worked undercover at Atos, and he exposed the targets originally. Since then there have been a number of other Atos whistle-blowers that have confirmed his account. I was contacted by one ex-employee, with information that also confirmed that the targets are real.

    But perhaps my own experiences, and that of my peers, with the WCA gives us first hand experience of the unfairness of the process, and we know from those experiences that there is no way that the process is about genuine assessment. One of my friends died within a week of being told by Atos that she was “fit for work”. She was very clearly not. The huge number of appeals that are successful also indicate plainly that the system is not about fair assessment.


    1. Nadhim Zahawi MP, Stratford upon Avon had denied that there are targets involved in the contract between Atos and the Government in a recent e-mail to me. I would love to name and shame him if I could get hold of concrete reliable evidence. Ian


      1. So has Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith, but they are not known for telling the truth, let’s face it. As someone who has been through the assessment twice,and appeal, and as someone who many supports others also experiencing assessment, I can say with certainty that there are targets to remove our benefit, and this conviction has been further enhanced by my discussions with an Atos whistle blower, as well as the accounts that I have researched.

        Esther McVey has as good as admitted there are built in targets in the new PIP, that is to replace DLA, as she announced to the Parliamentary Committee that “More than 300, 000 will lose their eligibility, and have their benefits cut”…That’s BEFORE they have been assessed. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/more-than-300000-disabled-people-to-have-benefits-cut-says-esther-mcvey-8413498.html


    1. Hi Kitty, Is it ok with you that i send your article to Nadhim but not include your name? I will include it if you rather….ian



      1. Yes it’s fine by me, and you can include kittyjones, as that’s my blog and nickname 🙂 But to tell the truth I would put my own name to anything that I write.


  2. Where is the evidence for the 7 out of 8 figure? – I would like to see it because if it existed it would/should be made public as they cant do that and get away with it? surely when governments do things like that they can be pulled for it? its like the Jobcentre sanction targets were exposed…why arent people looking deeper into the system to see if it really did exist and if so punish those in charge?


  3. Hi Snadge, It WAS made public via two documentaries (Panorama and Dispatches) last year and via the media. I will post the links up, but meanwhile, you should know that the Government have denied the targets exist, and have refused to allow the contract any public scrutiny, on the grounds of protecting private company interests. You shoud also know that we have an authoritarian Government in Office that has denied the deaths related to the assessments, despite being presented with evidence, and who have refused to investigate the matter. Ask yourself what kind of Government would behave this way.

    I am not “scaremongering” or exaggerating. I am an ordinary person with a tendency to understate, if anything. I also happen to be sick and disabled, so I know a lot about the current situation, having been through 2 Atos assessments, and one appeal. Despite being gravely ill, I had to fight for money to live on. I worked up until 2 years ago, and paid my tax and NI.


  4. A family member with a child has been sanctioned for 3 years losing all but the child tax credit and family allowance no rent or council tax will be paid for 3 years. Have appealed against this unfair decision that was fabricated by jcp to sanction. Has applied for hardship fund was told no hardship fund available cos of the child tax credit and child benefit for 1 child. I am disabled and fighting appeal with atos and also trying to help family member out and it really disgusts me that the condims look down their noses at us and say it all our fault we are in this position what happens to those familys that are sanctioned and have no one to help them i am living on one meal per week cant have any heating on i dont drink/smoke/eat out at fancy cafes i dont even go out socilally i have never had a holiday for over 35 years and i am disgusted to be labeled a scrounger and skiver. I served my country for this kind of thanks.


  5. TESCO are bleating on about their losses i hear. Nothing to do with their policy on work fair & zero hours contracts, tax avoidance & horse meat labelled as beef then?


  6. Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    More money for the rich at the expense of the poor, makes me want to vomit. Cameron, Osborn, IDS and Mckvey and so on. Smug as their bank accounts grow, their friends accounts swell. Grinning at smirking as their evil policies rip away the only means of supoort the disabled, unemployed, one parent families and low paid have. Vast amounts of money going to companies who have done the task of targeting the very poorest in society. Hopefully these attacks will be come to light when Labour regains power. Truth and Knowledge will come to light of their awfull regieme


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