What the Labour Party achieved, lest we forget

1. Longest period of sustained low inflation since the 60s.
2. Low mortgage rates.
3. Introduced the National Minimum Wage and raised it to £5.52 per hour.
4. Over 14,000 more police in England and Wales.
5. Cut overall crime by 32 per cent.
6. Record levels of literacy and numeracy in schools.
7. Young people achieving some of the best ever results at 14, 16, and 18.
8. Funding for every pupil in England has doubled.
9. Employment is at its highest level ever.
10. 3,700 rebuilt and significantly refurbished schools; including new and improved classrooms, laboratories and kitchens. 
11. 85,000 more nurses.
12. 32,000 more doctors.
13. Brought back matrons to hospital wards.
14. Devolved power to the Scottish Parliament.
15. Devolved power to the Welsh Assembly.
16. Dads now get paternity leave of 2 weeks for the first time.
17. NHS Direct offering free convenient patient advice.
18. Gift aid was worth £828 million to charities last year.
19. Restored city-wide government to London.
20. Record number of students in higher education.
21. Child benefit up 26 per cent since 1997.
22. Delivered 2,200 Sure Start Children’s Centres.
23. Introduced the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
24. £200 winter fuel payment to pensioners & up to £300 for over-80s.
25. On course to exceed our Kyoto target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
26. Restored devolved government to Northern Ireland.
27. Over 36,000 more teachers in England and 274,000 more support staff and teaching assistants.
28. All full time workers now have a right to 24 days paid holiday.
29. A million pensioners lifted out of poverty.
30. The Child Poverty Act – 600,000 children lifted out of relative poverty.
31. Introduced child tax credit giving more money to parents.
32. Scrapped Section 28 and introduced Civil Partnerships.
33. Brought over 1 million social homes up to standard.
34. Inpatient waiting lists down by over half a million since 1997: the shortest waiting times since NHS records began.
35. Banned fox hunting.
36. Cleanest rivers, beaches, drinking water and air since before the industrial revolution.
37. Free TV licences for over-75s.
38. Banned fur farming and the testing of cosmetics on animals.
39. Free breast cancer screening for all women aged between 50-70.
40. Free off peak local bus travel for over-60s and disabled people.
41. New Deal – helped over 1.8 million people into work.
42. Over 3 million child trust funds started.
43. Free eye test for over 60s.
44. More than doubled the number of apprenticeships.
45. Free entry to national museums and galleries.
46. Overseas aid budget more than doubled.
47. Heart disease deaths down by 150,000 and cancer deaths down by 50,000.
48. Cut long-term youth unemployment by 75 per cent.
49. Free nursery places for every three and four-year-olds.
50. Free fruit for most four to six-year-olds at school. 
51. Gender Recognition Act 2004/5
52. Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.
53. Walk-in Health Centres and GP out of hours Service.
54. Digital hearing aids, through the NHS.
55. Children’s Act 2004, 2008 – Every Child Matters.
56. Introduced Smoke–Free legislation, 2007 – child health improving continually since.
57. Retail Distribution Review – ending commission for financial advisers
58. Introduced legislation to make company ‘blacklisting’ unlawful.
59. The Equality Act.
60. Established the Disability Rights Commission in 1999.
61. The Human Rights Act.
62. Signed the European Social Chapter.
63. Launched £1.5 billion Housing Pledge of new affordable housing.
64. The Autism Act 2009.
65. New Deal for Communities Regeneration Programme.
66. All prescriptions free for people being treated for cancer or the effects of cancer.
67. Introduced vaccination to be offered to teenage girls to protect against cervical cancer.
68. Rough sleeping dropped by two thirds and homelessness at its lowest level since the early 1980s
69. 2009 Marine and Coastal Access Act.
70. Increased Britain’s offshore wind capacity than any country in the world, to provide enough electricity to power 2 million homes.
71. Led the campaign to win the 2012 Olympics for London.
72. Introduced the first ever British Armed Forces and Veterans Day to honour past and present achievements of our armed forces.
73. Created a new right of pedestrian access, so that every family has equal opportunity to access the national coastline.
74. Led the campaign to agree a new international convention banning all cluster munitions.
75. Launched the Swimming Challenge Fund to support free swimming for over 60s and under 16s.
76. Sustainable Communities Actcreated community safety partnerships.
77. Set up a dedicated Department for International Development.
78. Cancelled approximately 100 per cent of debt for the world’s poorest countries.
79. Helped lift 3 million people out of poverty each year, globally.
80. Helped to get 40 million more children into school, globally.
81. Worked to ensure polio is on the verge of being eradicated, globally.
82. Ensured 3 million people are now able to access life-preserving drugs for HIV and AIDS.
83. Improved water/sanitation services for over 1.5 million people.
84. Launched a Governance and Transparency Fund to improve governance and increase accountability in poor countries.
85. The Neighbourhood Renewal programme – introduced funding for neighbourhood improvements.
86. The Extending Schools Program – included Breakfast and Homework clubs to improved levels of educational achievement and the longer term life chances of disadvantaged children.
87. Launched the Connexions  Service – provided valuable careers advice and support to young people seeking employment.
88. Introduced Working Family Tax credits to support low paid parents in work and to pay for childcare.
89. Introduced the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)
90. Established The Future Jobs Fund to provide all young people access to a job, training or education.
91. Introduced Warm Front –  helped 2.3 million vulnerable households, those in fuel poverty, with energy efficiency improvements.
92. Guaranteed paid holidays – introduced a law to ensure that everyone who works is entitled to a minimum paid holiday of 5.6 weeks,
93. Introduced the right to request flexible working.
94. Introduced improved work hours – introduced a law so employers cannot force employees to work more than 48 hours a week.
95. Protection against unfair dismissal – introduced protections for workers and increased the maximum compensation from £12,000 to around £63,000.
96. Introduced Rights for Part-time workers – the right to equal pay rates, pension rights, pro-rata holidays and sick pay.
97. Introduced the Right to breaks at work
98. Introduced the Right to representation  – every worker can be a member of a trade union and be represented in grievance and disciplinary hearings.
99. Rights for parents and carers – introduced the right to time off to deal with unexpected problems for their dependants, such as illness.
100. Introduced literacy and numeracy hours in schools and extended diversity to the curriculum.
101. Reduced class sizes to 30 for 5-7 year old children.
102. Introduced a public interest test, allowing governments to block international business takeovers on three specific grounds: media plurality, national security or financial stability.
103. Introduced the (anti-)Bribery Act 2010
104. Established the Standards Board for England under Labour’s Local Government Act 2000 for promoting and ensuring high ethical standards and code of conduct in local government.

105. Introduced the first ever Climate Change Act 2008.
106. Introduced robust an comprehensive child protection and welfare measures through Every Child Matters policy.

544807_370332463014480_1710535589_nThanks to Rory Doona for this excellent graphic.

 This list was condensed from: Political Parties – NOT all as bad as each other

Some more sources here.

1- 50 were originally listed in the Telegraph. However, I recognised that some of Labour’s best achievements were not included, so I gathered the rest together over couple of years for this compilation. 

Where Labour policies are cited, I have researched and verified them to ensure that the list accurate. You can find them listed on 

See also: Labour’s animal welfare policies

Many thanks to Robert Livingstone for his valuable additions and for his brilliant pictures.

67 thoughts on “What the Labour Party achieved, lest we forget

  1. Yes a brilliant record of achievement and I enjoyed 30 years in the NHS and watched some progress. However with Ed Miliband and Ed Balls we will have another hung / coalition government plus the UKIP factor. Put someone who is not singing from same hymn sheet as the ConDem party as our new leader…..NOW

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Everything listed is verifiable and the policies Labour passed can be found up on the parliamentary website, along with a variety of other sources, some cited on the article, which can be found with even a very basic google search. If you can’t present reasoned comments and evidence, you haven’t got anything worthwhile to say.


      2. Whether you like it or not, the list is fact. You dismiss fact because it doesn’t fit with your ideology. That’s too bad. Get as irate as you like and rant away, that won’t change the truth.


  2. Hi Kitty. I loved the montage which depicted all the successes of new labour, frankly which left me cold and confused at the time. I am about to nail my colours to the socialist alliance mast. I feel that we need to be militant about our NHS, about welfare abuse and the plausibility of winning a class war if it ever seemed like a good idea. Psychedelic baby’s maturity has found the way to the forum so expect outbreaks of trippiness and revolutionary proclivities. Weird, that, seriously, this is such an exciting epiphany, I will keep a watching brief with Labour. Thanks. x

    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 13:21:32 +0000 To: nickship@msn.com


  3. I wish it didn’t look like the labour party, or at least the leadership, weren’t putting up any fight to retain those great achievements, explaining how spending on them didn’t cause the credit crunch, and vowing to undo the nastiest of the coalition’s changes.


  4. But, it’s a timely reminder of what labour did in office, though it’s worth noting,as Polly Toynbee likes to point out, Labour kept very quite about much of it.


  5. Now put the tories achievements side by side. A short list thats for sure. And just to ram it home ,miliband must hammer the tories nonstop that is was thier friends the BANKERS who brought this country to its knees, not labour. Take a leaf out of the tory book and lie like hell to get elected, and shut balls up.


  6. It wasn’t the people who voted in this coalition – it was the people who didn’t vote! I hope that it doesn’t happen next year as the thought of another five years of this inept and cruel lot is unbearable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I was a youth and community worker at the time, and delivered informal ed programmes under Every Child Matters, in schools and provision as a detached worker on the streets. It works.


  7. Did I miss the early legislation giving GCHQ workers back their trade union rights taken from them by Thatcher? A new pledge card for 2015 would be good


  8. Reblogged this on The Greater Fool and commented:
    It’s worth looking at those to see how many have been reversed completely within 4 years of a Tory Government. We need Cameron out for good and constitutional change to prevent the Tories ever reversing Human rights and the NHS Charter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree, that’s the only way to learn. But I decided to do this collation of positive policies because we have been very thorough in criticising the bad policies – for me Iraq, and the antisocial behaviour act for starters. Balancing both is always the best way forward and learning from the worst errors of judgement. I didn’t care for Blair, personally, but nonetheless, I remember his policies that made peoples’ lives better – working tax credit, and also, professional life – Every Child Matters was the best child protection and child welfare policy the UK has ever had. The Tories scrapped it the day after they took office in 2010 – Michael Gove quietly tossed the whole policy.


    1. Well, we moved on from the neoliberal economic framework that Blair favoured. In fairness, Blair did ensure that social policy provided a safety net to protect us from the ravages of neoliberalism, but it wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There are lessons there, anyway. Positive ones to draw on, as well as the negative.

      Interesting to see the Tories drive to dismantle Blair’s policies – such as the Human Rights Act, Equality Act (mostly Harman’s work), fox hunting ban and so on. Without the first two, and without the fact that Blair signed us up to the convention for the rights of disabled persons, it’s sobering to consider that we would have no legal framework from which to effectively challenge the discriminatory Tory welfare policies.

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