Don’t think of an elephant, and under no circumstances must you EVER think of a pig ….

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Too late. It’s now impossible to unsee the once unthinkable.

The Daily Mail (admittedly not the world’s most reliable, factual newspaper,) has given David Cameron a taste of his own medicine by publishing an exclusive sneak preview of a soon to be published,  intimately detailed and strictly unauthorised biography of the Prime Minister.

It was co-written by a senior Conservative Party figure, Lord Ashcroft, and Isobel Oakeshott, former Sunday Times political editor, and Call Me Dave promises to reveal some extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing details about Cameron’s infamously uber-privileged younger years.

The biography contains some fairly prosaic stories of the kid Cameron smoking weed and listening to Supertramp with the likes of James Delingpole and generally being a very obnoxious, wealthy Tory numpty. However an unnamed source in the book alleges that Hameron was a member of a glorified and debauched fraternity boy’s club at Oxford University called the Piers Gaveston. The source claims that the then future Prime Minister of Great Britain “inserted a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig’s mouth that was resting on the lap of another club member, at an initiation ceremony for the club. What a very ghastly silly sausage.

I hadn’t realised that Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror was actually a documentary series.

The internet has exploded with glee at the story, with some jolly japes and lots of mirthful revenge aimed at the swine minister – check out #piggate on Twitter.

The revelations have added new layers of meaning to phrases such as “ham shanks”, “ham fisted”, “telling porkies” , “bringing home the bacon” , “making a pig’s ear of it” and  “pig-headed.” 

I never thought that the Daily Mail would make me laugh out loud with such a suprisingly welcomed sense of poetic justice, though I did flinch a little. I’m a vegetarian for moral reasons.

Undoubtedly, amidst all of the oinky tonk glee and frivolity generated by Lord Ashcroft’s revelations, David Cameron is certain to face some hamstringing questions from Labour over the allegations made by the former Conservative deputy chairman that the prime minister conspired to mislead the public before the 2010 election about his knowledge of Ashcroft’s non-dom tax status.

There’s a darker side to contemplate in all of this. My first thought is that perhaps the dead pig story is really a dead cat. What are we being diverted from?

Secondly, the unacceptably ugly is deeply rooted in the public school class and its culture. If someone ever told me to abuse a dead animal in order to gain acceptance of a ghastly ingroup, I would have told them no without hesitation. Even as a child. Cameron clearly doesn’t have such well-defined moral boundaries. How a person treats and regards animals (dead or alive) reflects something of how they are likely to treat and regard other people, too.

Boarding school: the trauma of the ‘privileged’ child by Joy Schaverien explores the emotional deprivation and abuse that many experience as a result of public school culture. Psychotherapist Nick Duffell (2000) wrote a book based on workshops he has conducted over ten years with adults who attended boarding schools as children. He has identified many lasting pathological psychological patterns common in those he calls Boarding school survivors.

In his recent work: Wounded Leaders: the Psychohistory of British Elitism and the Entitlement Illusion, Nick says:

“A cherished national character ideal, eschewing vulnerability and practising a normalised covert hostility based on bullying in the dorm adversely affects even those who did not have the privilege of such an education. It leaves Britain in the social and emotional dark ages, led by “the boys in the men that run things.”

This specific culture of elitism, protected by financial interests and the “It never did me any harm” syndrome, means that Britain is unlikely to foster the kind of leadership necessary in our world of increasing complexity, which needs a communal mindset and cooperative global solutions. But worse, new scientific evidence shows that this hyper-rational training leaves its devotees trapped within the confines of an inflexible mind, beset with functional defects, presented here as the Entitled Brain.”

It’s a sobering thought that so many boarding school survivors, psychologically and emotionally damaged individuals, are involved in running the country and determining the terms and conditions of our lives.

However you see Piggate, it’s worth considering that when even the bastion of working-class Conservatism, the Daily Mail, finds it necessary to exercise a critical voice (whatever next?), you know it’s time to worry.

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20 thoughts on “Don’t think of an elephant, and under no circumstances must you EVER think of a pig ….

      1. Another excellent Blog Sue.
        I’m sure it’s a distraction from the Tory policies doing the rounds, in the Roman spirit of “bread & circuses”.
        However, there is merit in continuing to satirise this man, and his party.
        He will come under relentless pressure over Scottish Independence, Irish & Welsh self determination, EU referendum, the economy & Imigration for a while yet, not to mention his own back bench MP’s.
        He was always going to be on the ropes within six months in any case.
        The darker realities & motivations of some of the people in power, particularly towards the vulnerable in society, is beginning to reveal its true ugliness.
        I have followed your work for a while now, so I know something of the real effects upon those directly affected by government policies over the past five years.
        Getting the media and therefore, the public on side to extend the rhetoric of compassion, that underpins natural human relationships. Must start with calling to account, the unnatural moral behaviour of some people in power, via a vis their “Sociopathic behaviour” which has directly influenced government policy.
        We have endured years of negative “Katie Hopkins” style media bile & negativity.
        I’m inspired by your fight back Sue Jones.
        Although a majority trust the press and think we are mad, I trust your intellectual and psychological analysis of our current political regime.
        Keep up the good work!

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      2. Thank you. There’s a connection between the psychology of these damaged individuals, their nasty competitive hierarchical ideology, the sociology of their social group and the harmful social policies they are inflicting on us. If the wider public could see those, they’d never vote tory again

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  1. Will the row hurt Cameron?

    I’m guessing he may be the butt of a few jokes and you’d expect his sex life to take a bit of a knock. (Imagine trying to get in the mood while thinking about THAT) My hunch is we all assume that posh people are up to all sorts of weird sex things anyway.

    And remember, Cameron will not be standing for a third term in 2020, so whoever Jeremy Corbyn faces at the election will be free of the taint. Which is more than can be said for the pig.


  2. Entertaining as it is, #snoutrage is obscuring more serious matters – that Cameron is being called a liar, one who lied to parliament and the country when he denied knowing Ashcroft was a non-dom, and that if you can give the Tories £8 million, you EXPECT a decent political job, not some minor junior minister. There is apparently no such thought given that top political jobs should be given for anything other than corrupting party funding. The pigshead, dope and cocaine indulgence is just mood music about the sort of Etonian now running the country. They are the same ones whose main preoccupation was of cavorting in a suit that cost £6000+ to spend lots of money getting drunk, smashing up restaurants, and spend a lot of time “pleb-bashing” and “poor hating” as one of their contemporaries described the Bullingdons. We want the whole lot of them OUT, as they are not fit as human beings. That their views on “the plebs and poor” are extreme, ideological, laced in eugenics, and life-long, not student “indiscretion” and shows they should be held to account because they have deliberately caused millions harm through poverty and disability denial. It’s not about “austerity”, we here all know that, but if a few more without direct experience begin to join the dots, and perhaps question, really question, the current state of affairs, there will be something useful to come out of that.

    Meanwhile……..if you want to know what we are not supposed to be noticing is the outrageous amount of public money being spent on the nuclear power station with the Chinese and EDF.

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    1. Cameron is always being called a liar, and has the official rebukes to show for it.

      The points raised about psychological and emotionally damaged public school boys with psychopathic tendencies is relevant and connected to the policies, culture of entitlement and sneering contempt that we see today. There’s some dots that need joining there, too.

      I mentioned in the article that the dead pig may in fact be a dead cat, really – a diversion, but the points I raised in the article were not frivolous and needed saying, too. Cameron is damaged, has no moral boundaries, his policies are harmful, he’s a bully from a background of bullying and public school culture. There’s an important connection there.

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  3. Reblogged on

    Here is my two penneth. Firstly, surely there is some law that says you can’t donate 8 MILLION POUNDS, or ANY AMOUNT, just to expect to be in a government. If that is legal – and it seems that it is since no one has said anything disparaging about it – oh how the nations we critisise abroad must laugh at our so call democracy!

    As for the alleged incident with the pig, I must say that I couldn’t help but laugh at the tweets, and I told my carer that it makes me want to go out and buy a television license just to see the expressions on the faces of the M.P.s the moro; it would be worth every penny: he will NEVER live this down (I’ve had sausage and mash for tea; it’s enough to make you want to give up meat altogether).

    That said, it just reveals how the establishment, as rich as they are, will turn on each other like rabid dogs given half the chance; I’ve seen this again and again. Me personally – and no doubt like many others – could never reveal such a disgusting detail about someone in a book, even if we didn’t like them (for me hating someone can be very emotionally destructive in any case so I hate the things the government do, but I don’t hate the person); to purposefully do such harm to someone’s reputation like that, shows a lot about the person ‘telling’ as much as it does of the person who they have disgraced.

    Yes, as Kitty reminds us, many who are pointing the finger are just as guilty, having come from the same brutal system. I feel sorry for them in some ways, but they’re supposed to be leading us and setting some kind of example, not allowing cocaine parties at their homes (if this is true); what must today’s youth think in all of this?

    As you suggest Kitty, why reveal this now, and what are they trying to cover up? We can never trust that there isn’t a reason behind all of this; buried news and all that.

    No doubt we’ll see in the next day or two.

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