National Audit Office to investigate DWP suicide monitoring of social security claimants


The National Audit Office is to demand information from Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on a ‘serious and important’ issue after ministers refuse to provide figures on how many people claiming social security have taken their own lives. The watchdog is to investigate the government’s monitoring of suicides among welfare claimants amid longstanding concerns about links between welfare reforms and declining mental health.

The National Audit Office (NAO) said it would call on the DWP to reveal what information it held on the suicides, after ministers refused to provide an MP with figures on the number of people in the welfare system who had taken their own lives.

In a letter seen by The Independent, the watchdog said it was “clearly a very important and serious” topic and that it would consider trying to collate the information itself if the government could not provide it. 

It comes as charities raise concerns about links between welfare reforms and declining mental health among claimants, with an increasing number of self-inflicted deaths being associated with financial difficulties stemming from cuts to support. 

A number of studies have established links specifically between universal credit and an increased risk of suicide, with experts blaming the “complicated, dysfunctional and punitive” nature of the new benefit and the frequency at which it pushes people into hardship, debt and rent arrears.

In December 2017, for example, concern was also raised when an analysis of NHS data showed that attempted suicides among out-of-work disability support had more than doubled since the introduction of work capability assessments in 2008.

The survey revealed that 43 per cent of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants – and as high as 47 per cent of female ESA claimants – had attempted suicide in their lifetimes, compared with 7 per cent of the general population.

In response to the figures, Dr Jay Watts, a consultant clinical psychologist and member of the campaigning Alliance for Counselling and Psychotherapy, said at the time: “These results are staggering. It is difficult to overemphasise how large a jump in rates of attempted suicide this is. I cannot think of a greater jump in rates in any population. 

“If the Government has any real interest in suicide prevention, benefits reform must be the immediate priority. The UN has condemned the government’s treatment of disabled people as contrary to their human rights.

“The shame, guilt, anxiety and paranoia the current system provokes is a national scandal, that should be headline news. Making the workless feel worthless, and under-serving of support, has provoked a mental health emergency.”

A study by leading academics of claimants and support staff in Gateshead and Newcastle found the new benefit to be a “complicated, dysfunctional and punitive” system that forces people into debt and rent arrears and “simply doesn’t work” s claimed by the government.

The research, among the first to focus on the experiences of claimants in a universal credit full service area, also said it was making people increasingly anxious and depressed and worsening existing health problems. Catherine Donovan, deputy leader of Gateshead Council, said: “This report confirms the significant hardship we have seen people and families in Gateshead endure for some time now.

“Austerity is not over. The roll out of universal credit means people are having to choose between eating and heating. It is appalling that people in this study talked about feeling so low, they had considered suicide.

“They talked about the shame and stigma of using food banks. With Christmas coming, the impact on communities and families will be extremely hard. I’m calling on government to scrap universal credit as a matter of urgency.”

At the time the research was published, a DWP spokesperson said: “This survey of 33 claimants doesn’t match the broader experience of more than 9,000 people receiving universal credit in Gateshead, who are taking advantage of its flexibility and personalised support to find work.”

That is atrocious gaslighting. 

There are also serious concerns and individual case of premature mortality, within a short time of someone being deemed ‘fit for work’, as well as the increase in numbers of people having suicidal thoughts and taking their own life, raised by many disability campaigners since the implementation of welfare ‘reforms’.

The United Nations concluded in a formal inquiry that the welfare ‘reforms’ have ‘systematically and gravely’ violated the human rights of ill and disabled people. 

Government ministers, however, simply denied that this is so, and have accused us of “scaremongering” denying any “causal link” between their punitive policies and distress and harm of citizens. Yet studies have established a clear correlation. Without further investigation, the government have no grounds to dismiss the possibility of a causal link. 

Campaigners have said that it was “unacceptable” that the DWP does not appear to record suicides among people claiming social security support and that it was “vital” for it to start doing so in order to assess the impact of changes to the welfare system.

Kamran Mallick, from Disability Rights UK, said: “This is a crucial issue which demands a thorough review. The welfare benefits system is confusing and challenging to navigate at the best of times.

“The causes of suicide are complex and multi-layered. But there’s no doubt that few disabled people find the benefits system welcoming and supportive, and for some it induces high levels of mental and emotional distress.”

Deborah Coles, director of charity Inquest, said: “That people have been so desperate to take their own lives as a result of the punitive and cruel benefits system is a serious concern that requires much greater scrutiny.”

Frank Field MP, chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, who requested the data from ministers in a written question, said in his subsequent letter to the NAO: “I struggle to believe that, given the time it must take to put together evidence for inquests, attend court hearings, and internally review the decisions, that there is no record of such. 

“It shocks me even more that the DWP is apparently unconcerned with the most drastic efforts of its policies and conducts no internal monitoring of the tragedies in which it is complicit.”

Field told The Independent he was “pleased” to hear that the NAO was now looking into the issue, adding: “This for the first time will give us some concrete facts on the link between the current welfare system and suicide rates among claimants.”

In one suicide case, published in April in Derbyshire Live, a man who took his own life after running out of money for his electricity meter reportedly left a suicide note sarcastically “thanking” universal credit bosses.

In another, an inquest ruled last month that the mental health of a disabled man who took his life after his benefits were cut was “severely and adversely” affected after the DWP declared him fit for work, as reported by the newspaper.

Ayaz Manji, senior policy and campaigns officer at Mind, said: “Suicides are not inevitable, they can be prevented, and the DWP is responsible for making make sure its processes and policies are safe for those of us at our most unwell, and not causing serious harm.

“We still hear every week from people with mental health problems who have struggled to cope with the impact of sanctions, repeated and unnecessary fit-for-work assessments, and other changes to their benefits. 

“It’s important that the DWP is held to account when independent investigations cite problems with benefits as a factor in someone taking their life. We cannot continue to wait until someone else takes their own lives before change happens.

Sara Willcocks, head of communications at charity Turn2us, said: “It is disappointing that the DWP does not already know how many of its claimants have committed suicide. We believe it is vital that the department records this data so it can draw correlations between changes to the welfare benefits system and increases or decreases in suicide.”

A DWP spokesperson said: “The death of a claimant is always a tragedy and whilst this is not an inquiry, we will engage with the NAO on this important topic.”

However, an inquiry is long overdue.

How many people with chronic illness and disability have simply died because they can’t meet their most fundamental survival needs in light of austerity cuts?

What kind of government shows no concern or remorse that its policies are destroying some citizens’ lives?

And continually denies that this is happening?

This prompts another question;  the risk of suicide among support-dependent disabled people is now foreseeable. Does the government intentionally disregard us as economically “surplus to requirements” and ultimately disposable? When the evidence points so clearly to the relationship between austerity cuts, which have disproportionately been targeted at the poorest and most fragile citizens, and suicide, it’s hard to reason otherwise. Especially when the government shows nothing but supreme indifference to those of us raising these serious concerns.

The link between social security cuts and suicide cannot and must not be denied or ignored any longer.

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If you’re feeling suicidal, you can contact your GP, call 999, go to A&E, call the Samaritans on 116 123, or email them at


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40 thoughts on “National Audit Office to investigate DWP suicide monitoring of social security claimants

  1. You have an error, possibly an auto-correct error, but it reverses the meaning of one of the paragraphs: the UN, you say, ‘condoned’ the welfare system, where I think you meant ‘condemned’.

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    1. Thank you Kitty for writing this well written facts that there is a problem. Yet again like clockwork anything that makes news they shove out some dwp spokesperson to defend their actions with BS. You will notice anything that makes news a dwp spokesperson gets push out to comment with BS.

      I know you did the same study as me with the deaths while waiting on Esa or PIP and the fiqures were cause for alarm. Yet the main issue was how many died who had no terminal illness. If these fiqures on preventable deaths come out it will be truly shocking. I myself will not be shocked as my own experience which almost cost me my life twice its a a shock to me how am still alive to write this. This caused by a sanction on my 1st week which I attended the doctors. That was in 2016 Dec
      Both my statements I gave got changed then it was defended by a made up medical fact. Still i made a 4th attempt with evidence via MP they ignore the truth. I learned that the facts and truth had no interest to the dwp yet rather defend their own fraudulent staff which cost me my home a mental breakdown and because of there lies I got no safeguarding policys nor any help or support. Fast forward to 2018 may after 7 months of fight just to get a letter a senior manager got involved. His letter I can only say in the less harsh terms was not only was it insulting but again covered up with lies defending his staff. Then even worse he trys to buy me off with not 1 but 2 attempts with what is called special payments. These words are used simply not to admit guilt. Fast forward to Oct 2019 he his staff and all involved and failures are now under investigation by 2 different party’s. One being a lawyer as we prepare for court action.

      I can tell you from a insider that the management are all under targets which their many targets within the system
      Which ALL go against the claiments. With these targets for failure are rewarded from the basic staff worker but more rewarding for the management as targets are achieved they are rewarded.
      This is a huge issue for claiments who have to go through the assessment process. You cant go through a day without reading someone telling you about how bad or the lies that many have spoke out. I can confirm by two ex assessment staff workers both admitted that they were under targets set by the dwp for fit for work reports. Worse still is that fact it’s the dwp who get the report first before you can ask for a copy.

      Ask yourself the question why are some of these assessments can define medical science. Hint evidence supporting the facts. The dwp have more interests in failure

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  2. Please find, very interesting article regarding the increase of suicides of “Support Group” claimants. The involvement of the National Audit Office and Frank Field, Chairman of the Select Committee for Work and Pensions – who I have written to several times.

    I have two amazing sons, who have kept me alive during these past years, but I could very easily died of starvation or hyperthermia.

    There is no reason for the CHDA to mention depression, self-harm or suicide in their “FINAL RESPONSE” of October 2016. It’s simply not true. They and the DWP have lost focus – investigating my finances rather than the more important problem of my disabilities.

    They have achieved nothing with their “cover-ups” and delays, only greater suffering for myself, my two sons and many friends.

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    1. DWP “Hoodwink” the HMCTS – NHS & MP – CHDA, ICE & PHSO

      July, 2016 to August, 2017 and afterwards by not complying with their

      Recommendations to have Support Group entitlements reassessed

      Two documents remain missing:

      – notification to disallow ESA (IR) – dated the 5th October, 2015 -when these entitlements ended the 23rd August, 2015.

      _ A medical certificate, now called a ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’ is strong evidence that you are sick and would normally be accepted unless there is evidence to prove otherwise. You could also provide evidence from someone who is not a GP, e.g. a Dentist. For a sick line to be issued by us, you must have spoken or been seen by a GP. Dated from the 6th November, 2015 for cerebral vascular accident of November, 2011:

      In agreement with Page 251 dated 26th January, 2016 of registered as partially sighted and Discharge Documents on Pages 252 to 254 dated 11th November, 2011. Endorsed by the Stroke Association, Page 176 and Certificate of Partially Sighted on Pages 342 to 343.

      The Full and Final Response requires amendment – the documents issued by the DWP are not consistent with the LAW or the information provided to the HMCTS July, 2016 to August, 2017:

      Statement of Fitness for Work – Page 41 dated 27th February, 2015.

      P45 dated 11th April, 2016 – allowance ceased 5th November, 2015 attached

      Decision Maker’s Scoresheet – Pages 70 to 76.

      Signed by Adelle Agutter on Page 76 – 9th March, 2016

      She deletes the correct date and hand-writes the 6th November, 2015 – Page 73 attached.

      Maurice Spencer

      17th September, 2021 !


  3. I see my comment was removed. Am fine with that as the truth will come out at some point. Right or wrong either way universal credit will end. We need people like yourself help to win this fight.

    Am sorry for the reply I gave i admit it was overkill.
    The honest truth some of the content did have personal effect to my life. I guess it triggered the response I made.
    I hope you can understand and forgive myself.
    Keep up the good work


    1. No, your comment wasn’t removed, but I have to moderate each one because of the abuse and death threats I’ve had over the past 3 years. Have only just got round to reading comments, not had chance for 24 hours or so.


  4. Thanks kitty I tend to go on the rant on certain uni crimes stuff! The worst part of it all is the dwp KNOW exactly they are causing failures to many along side the many mistreatment towards claiments. The biggest problem is they will lie and deny everything to the point they would lie directly to your face to which they are getting away with anything the do or say and will be backed up by further by there own staff to even senior management level. That I know personally as I’ve delt with one by that very sanction that started on day 7. The AD took my statement and under a newly given power to ADs and even work coachs could now sanction claiments without the use of DM’s. Solely for self gain as my trip to the doctors due to illness I now been suffering from for a week. Being a week before Xmas and serval attempts by phone all week I only optained my appointment by having to go to the doctors just to make a emergency appointment. This is the statement I gave not once not twice but 0n 6 occasions with physical evidence to support my statements. I still can’t get the facts of the truth accepted. 1st AD deleted my whole statement and completely made one up. Taken away any mention of illness as this supports a good cause shown. Which clearly she knew this and with that my only reason I gave was now completely removed and was replaced 99% of my statement to which was now her own version of events. Her motive was purely for her own self gain. Which would be awarded via her performance review after committing fraud and cheating me and the system. The process of which took her less than 30mins after I had hung up the phone is now sitting in the sanction hub with me now officially sanctioned with a made up statement and evidence that she optained herself to back up her own statement was solely to support her work that she made the correct decision to apply a sanction. Supported with a document all of which I have has her made up reason and with that two references 1st being a new appointment had been made which she did so while I was on the phone. So I knew it was a fact and the other reference says doubt raised on low level sanction. Date time and her own name stamped on this document. The ref for the appointment was for the DMs knowledge for how many days my sanction will be. Which was 8 days as it’s automatic 7 days for a any sanctioned offence then how many days you take to report your reason. So 3 weeks later its signed off with giving me the reasons to why I was being sanctioned which made no sense whatsoever to me simply because I had no idea nor no clue that the AD had changed the statement as I wasn’t given a copy of her work until 4 months later as it was now going to court and only because of that I now get a copy of the statement and all her work the AD submitted to the DM.

    That only being the start of the shit show as next up was my MR i gave only made matters even more twisted with lies i was now sanctioned by a manager by a letter containing a telephone conversation that am supposed to have had with this person 3 days before. My phone record provides proof that no such call exists.
    You think with that evidence as strong as it is should prove am telling the truth.
    Nope, any evidence of truth or to support the facts must get shoved in the fire of truths. If you can’t get a senior manager to accept the facts well that’s me never getting them to admit to the truth.
    Oh he also tried to buy me off twice with x2 £50 offers which they call special payments.
    Which means that they are not admitting to any gulit.
    I well end it now as this is only a tiny piece of the story and my sanction which gets even worse!
    You sign up to fail and you will fail.


    1. That’s awful treatment, Stuart, and they should NOT be allowed to alter your statement. It’s shocking. And yes, they tried to bribe you with the payments of £50. That happened to me once, too. It’s money to make you stop challenging their deplorable practices .

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      1. Thanks kitty. Corrupting two statements and submitting them as fact is fraud. Plain and simple.
        If I get this to court these individuals will easily be found quilty. Why? They don’t have any evidence as both statements where given over the phone. Playing those calls would not only support me but also prove they both lied. Vs my physical evidence from a letter from my doctor confirming my illness, medication and dated. 2nd My phone records shows no phone conversation exists. Simply using facts. That’s just the start of many individuals with this case.

        If anyone wants a truly unbelievable story not only about me but more about the dwp who clearly show they have no interest in truth nor facts but rather support failure backed up with a scale of deny and lies that simply goes off the charts. All of it documented and supporting evidence.

        This case will be damaging not only to alot of dwp staff but more importantly
        a senior manager statement that not only insulted me but just like the other letters full of blatant lies.

        One more important thing I had 2 illnesses one of which I was suffering mental health issues. Yet 3 years on I’ve received no help no support I was not even safeguarded when I was sanctioned.
        I wrote a diary of my first 4 months on Universal Credit has it helped me battle my depression. The impact I suffered caused by mainly lies that I can’t forget.

        Oh and that senior manager insult comes when he states “that he listened to calls and believes we have done our best to keep me informed and we’re helpful.”
        The dwp have no knowledge of this hence no help or support which I later found out help was available.

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      1. Hi Kitty ,

        l was thinking that you really have to see some of these files along with many other crazy files. l know and fully understand i can go on a rant. UC does this to you. Also i can`t write nowhere close as the way you do as English was never my best subject. What i do have and find to be very good at is obtaining information as my education is in IT. Also i was stupid enough to read every policy manual and training books the DWP have to offer plus documents am not supposed to have. To even insiders working at the DWP. Who hates it as Managers bully staff to make targets as always at the claimants expensive being one. On top of that all the data stats that we both did on the deaths while waiting on outcomes etc.

        l just wish to offer any support in giving you what i know since i have no money. l promise you i will hold back the rants! Which has just gotten huge after what came today. Now i really need a lawyer having now got so much but even better now as now i have individual staffs own work as evidence.

        Wow this system is so corrupt Its themselves who commit the benefit fraud now!

        Am here if you need support as i have no money! Either outcome keep up the good work!.


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  5. Hello Kitty, my son took his own life in March this year. There is no doubt in my mind that being found ‘Fit to Work’ after fighting a 20 year battle with paranoid schizophrenia was the cause. The poverty of JSA and complying with the demands of the Job Centre overwhelmed him. He was a kind, caring, & well educated man. The stress & fear of being made homeless, created by the constant fear of sanctions, contributed to his illness & proved catastrophic in the end.



    Would you please inform the DWP:

    There’s no further extension on the table, the DWP, CHDA and ICE, were given – two years to sort themselves out – providing the re-assessment of my medical problems, August, 2019.

    We are still waiting the response to the following letters:

    Mr. Matt Warman – February 2016, delay to invite to the one and only Medical Assessment – 27th February 2016.

    Repeated requests from myself and ICE for the “final response” from the DWP – never received.

    Corrections to the letter from Lindsay Tickle, Acting Head of ESA Mainstream Operations and the explanation to the amendments, made at the same time – my 2nd Medical Assessment should take place, August 2021.

    Notification from DWP to sell assets and any other amendments which could affect my entitlements.

    Payment of my invoice to the DWP and the Secretary of State, made before the Upper Tribunal’s redirection; the recommendations made by the Lower Tier or the Report from ICE

    Mr. Warman’s letter of 27th September, 2019.


    Kindest of Regards


    1. MAURICE,

      l feel your frustration. This is clearly a plain and classic example of what to expect from the DWP. Having them in a corner with no defence they will simply choose to ignore you. Its happened to me twice. Also i see your caught up with 3 different groups which matters even worse. As communication which just dealing with the DWP alone in a nightmare but to have 3! Answers the question to why its taken so many years.

      It’s a one system for us but it becomes nightmare if you have a issue finding what department can fix it.
      With little to no communication becomes your problem.


      1. Mo Spencer I appreciate you are struggling to find someone within the Department of Work and Pensions – “Who know what they are talking about” It’s now time to “Pay up and shut-up”

        I will explain later, the suffering this “shambles” have caused, not only to my family; to my health – emotionally and physically – but the drain on my finances.
        Five years of breaking policies and procedures is enough.

        The policy of the Department for Work and Pensions is :
        Get claimants off benefits and back into employment
        Not If we don’t pay benefits – we can sit back and do nothing.

        If you remember, my GP said to me “That’s the way it works – you have a stroke – we fill you up with pills – then you die”

        I made the decision to come-off my medication and I’m still here.

        The Department for Work and Pensions “Can’t make a decision – even after all this wasted time and investigations – they are unable to describe my disabilities, for which, they are paying benefits.

        Disability Discrimination by C.H.D.A.

        Latest e-mail to MP’s Office – Also posted on Facebook –

        Whilst the DWP are “struggling” to find answers – I will focus my attention to the “contaminated” ICE Report (October 2018)

        ESA Claim started November, 2014, with only one WCA – next WCA scheduled by the DWP is August, 2021 ………………. !!!!!

        Thank you for your reply !!!

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      2. For the attention of Mr. David Turner – Complaint Resolution Manager
        DWP N & E Midlands CRT REF : 18930

        Dear Sir,
        Thank you for your kind response to the e-mails of 27th September, 8th and 9th October, 2019. I was more than willing to take the work capability assessment, within the 13 weeks allowed by Department for Work and Pensions – 13.03.2015 to 12.06.2015 and Jobseekers up to mid-August, 2015. I was even willing to take the WCA this August, considering confirmation was given by Wayne Dunkley, (DWP) – September, 2017. It just did not happen !!
        I can confirm my retirement pension age is reached on the 6th September, 2020. I would therefore suggest – my 2nd WCA is brought forward to 5th September, 2020 – without losing any Support-Group benefits. Should the DWP or CHDA require an earlier date – would you please make sure – the selection criteria is made available to the Healthcare Professional or he retains an copy of the Statement of Reasons – issued by the Appeal Tribunals September, 2017.
        Would you also arrange the “back-dating” of my income-related to August, 2015. Jobseekers was removed at this time, but the work-related remains.
        In conclusion, the policy of the DWP is to get claimants off benefits and back into employment. Mis-understanding or operating the “system” incorrectly – results in errors and mistakes – the outcome is this letter !!
        Whilst I am still in “Support-Group” benefits, the DWP should offer me appointments at the Jobcentre not further medical assessments to highlight the mistakes and omissions of the first – 27.02.2016 or assessing my finances, where entitlements stopped August, 2015.

        If you have any further questions or if you would like me to clarify anything then please contact me on 07777697778

        Attached ; Selection criteria omitted by Healthcare Professional.

        COPY OF LETTER to be posted by MP’s OFFICE 5th November, 2019




      l am not sure if you know about this right to know access to your own account. l asked for just shy of 3 years in which they said they may not be able to have it all after 14 months. l got mine today with over 500 Documents

      Nothing shocks me now with Universal Credit until today. ANYONE who have problems with them you have a right to gain your own file. l asked to go back almost 3 years with a reply some maybe unavailable after 14 months. 2 weeks on i got over 500 docs going back over 3 years. It has become now my Holy grail of DWPs shit deny and lies!

      l hope this helps.


      1. Thank you for your comments – ammunition against this corrupt system, always help.

        Positive I am approaching 500 e-mails I have sent to the DWP, CHDA and ICE – this is my latest sent this morning to the Upper Tribunal – copied to the former Head of Mainstream ESA Operation

        Sadris Miah
        Administrative Officer
        Upper Tribunal AAC | HMCTS | Rolls Building | London | EC4A 1NL

        Upper Tribunal Ref CE / 3787 /2016
        Thank you for your kind e-mail, please note, the reference number above.

        I also attach, my letter to Lindsay Tickle, the former Head of ESA Mainstream Operations, copied to Wayne Dunkley, the gentleman who “guaranteed” my 2nd WCA – August, 2019 – that never happen !!
        Guarantees made under the recommendations of the Appeal Tribunal of August, 2017.

        Further “contempt towards the “system”; the Tribunals; the Members of Parliament and Secretaries of State” are detailed in the attached letter, sent before the issuing of the ICE Report of October, 2018.

        I hope this information is of assistance, regarding my application back to the Upper Tribunal.

        Yours sincerely,

        Maurice Spencer

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  7. Same story i have with my family have to support me every week to survive.

    My friends had to step in to save my life after i was evicted after a sanction in my first week missing my 1st meeting due to getting so ill i had gone to the doctors.

    Still i was sanctioned only after the use of fraud in which both my statements were changed and presented as fact along with a made up telephone conversation which my phone bill confirms this fact. At that time i was now so ill i had 2 illnesses 1 being mental health and was a risk.

    Still they knew these facts but a DM does not care but only for her own self gain. All MRs were set at a 80% monthly target to not change the original decision. So i got fucked in a target signed off last day on the month. So again staff member uses fraud so she can present the sanction as fact. This has even more impact as Due to the lies i was denied ANY support which i had the rights too, denied ANY safeguarding policy which almost cost me my life only saved by my friends stepping in.

    This sanction was defended again by a 3rd DM as lawful adding to it with a made up medical fact! It took 17 months just to get a letter from a senior manager who defended the sanction and his staff with even more lies. A letter i needed to process it to ICE. 15 months later Ice have just taken the case. l expect to be a waste of time.

    i’ve been ill since for 3 years now and still ive not been given any financially support ive spent months in hospital still they want me to attend an assessment more than 20 now. My Doctors has even written to them still they ignore the facts so just like you but only 3 years these failures affect my health as of late is poor and again – emotionally and physically affected. same again the drain on my finances. My case has been off now for 6 weeks i have no hot water. As am in so much debt.

    That is only half of it as like you ive had to suffer so much lies and shit. The worst part is they know this and they get away with it and get paid for a job that they make up their own policies which ive spent months reading only to learn that was a waste of time. ive caught them lying so many times but the fact is they will NEVER admit it.
    Now i have to sit and wait as they haven’t spoken to me for more than 5 months ive only got an ICE investigation my only hope just now. After that l only have legal action for the fraud.

    In that time frame l only have Universal Credit who could decide my fate and i will admit they possibly may succeed my fate.


  8. Mo Spencer

    To think we both have problems in different ways how many others have the same problems with stories to tell. This everybody knows its bad but do they really know how bad it really is?

    A system beyond repair yet it goes on to fail as more and more people sign up to fail


    1. At every stage the DWP, CHDA and ICE, have lied, omitted vital informform or tried their hardest to block my progress through the “system”. The DWP’s response to the local MP, gives no answers, why I waited 11 months for WCA . They have known about my partial sight from the start, three appeal tribunals have told them again – in their Statement of Reasons – and still nothing in the ICE Report.
      They expect me and my family to finance their lies – I’ve presented my evidence, including a recorded telephone conversation of April, 2016 – all distorted in the ICE Report. I have no objections taking the 2nd WCA in 7 years – but, I will not be bullied into thinking they are right or I should sell assets, without any notification from the DWP. They’ve made fools of everyone !

      I have copied your replies for future reference – thank you and good luck !!

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      1. All of us dealing with these currupt criminals we all have to help in anyway we can.

        I urge you to fill out that request form it takes 2 mins. Trust me, i promise you 100% you will find something either big or small in my 3 years I had everything they had did not all true of course but more importantly you get names.
        Since I’ve been caught up with senior management with a letter of defending his lying staff with mainly lies. Which did pull him up many times and he ignore me. Well he is now changing his lies given to me he’s changing certain details in order to fit his letter. Worse still its so blatantly obvious. Untrue.

        Yet even without that it is a gold mind of information that I would never seemed possible and still going through it!

        All the best Stuart




    Given the authority of the “Acting Head of ESA Mainstream Operations” – Lindsay Tickle. She made no reference to my disabilities or the entitlements I am now allowed, nor the application made to the Upper Tribunal of Errors in Law. Instead she was happy for me to wait a further two years for the Report from the Independent Case Examiner, disregarding not only the recommendations of the Appeal Service that my case should be reassessed August, 2019, but the Statement of Reasons issued September, 2017. This discrimination, harassment and victimisation rests with her – not her subordinates like Alison Murphy, David Turner or Mr .Warman. She knew exactly what she was doing – when authorising the reassessment to August, 2021!

    I wait the agreement of the DWP, CHDA, ICE and the Member of Parliament for Boston and Skegness, I have 3 disabilities defined by the HM Court and Tribunals Services of the 15th August, 2017

    2 since my stroke of November, 2011 and the 3rd “compounded” from March, 2015, when I made my application for the Medical Assessment of the 27th February, 2016.


  10. Independent Case Examiner,
    PO Box 209,
    L20 7WA 31st January, 2020

    For the attention of Fiona Wood
    Ref No DWP 01546/19

    Dear Fiona Wood,
    Thank you for your kind letter of 29th January, 2020, with reference to DWP1260/16 and CPM0190/16.
    I am pleased to inform, any findings made by the Independent Case Examiner are irrelevant.
    Incorrect decisions made the DWP and CHDA of 2015 and 2016, were over-ruled by The Decisions made by the Upper Tribunal, April 2017 and the Lower Tier, August, 2017.
    This also “over-turns” the “Final Response” and “Signposting” to I.C.E., by the CHDA of October, 2016. The “Missing Final Response” from the DWP and the letter from the “Acting Head of ESA Mainstream Operations – Lindsay Tickle of the 9th February, 2017.
    The opening of investigations into mainly work / income related entitlements – early, 2018, were immaterial due to this reason. Any distorted and censored information supplied by the DWP and CHDA made the Report given by the Independent Case Examiner corrupt – October, 2018.
    The DWP and CHDA continue their assessments into work / income entitlements and have failed to comply with the recommendations of the Appeal Service of August, 2017. The next Medical Assessment is scheduled for August, 2021 – disallowing any WCA’s in 2019 – 2020 and no amendments to the Medical Report of the 27th February, 2016. Their only interest is in the minor increases in my early-retirement pension.
    Further to the telephone conversation with Diane Murphy – DWP Customer Service Team of Monday, 28th January, 2020 ( tel 01482 756021) the Benefits Team were wrong to issue ESA50 Forms, June, 2016 and December, 2019. Attendance Allowance is not payable until state-pension age – September, 2020 – another mis-direction!

    Trust you find this information “constructive”
    Yours sincerely,

    Maurice Spencer,


  11. I.C.E Report dated 23rd October, 2018 :

    Paragraph 8 states “ On the 18th March 2015, whilst scrutinising your records, a CHDA Healthcare Professional decided that a face to face assessment was required which should be undertaken by a Healthcare Professional who was experienced in Complex Neurological cases. Your case was then placed in a queue waiting for an appointment to be arranged ( at this time I am aware there was a backlog of WCA cases due to the contract being changed from Atos Healthcare to CHDA)

    The Complex Neurological conditions are removed from the Client Interview List – the HCP remit attached – 27th February, 2016.

    Preventing me gaining employment !!!


  12. Hi kitty M sorry and thank you for my last rant. I was lost in my head with finding more lies and BS I kind of let loose by written.

    I just wish to say I know i was talking about the CHDA and how corrupt they are. A we bot learned its more difficult to gain fiqures for a private copy. Still it never stopped me finding out some horrific information that us public are not to know. Some of which I never wanted to hear.

    As you might remember I requested a information freedom request. 700 odd documents going back 3 years. It took 4 months just to get it into some kind of order which I could work with. Of course I found the dwp lying as always but more than that I had CHDA reports on my current medical condition. Remember I have refused every assessment sent to me in 3 Years a total of 19. Of course you must be wondering how I never got any demands put apon me. Remember am the guy with the claimnet agreement that reads I’ve to zero hours of commitment in order to obtain my UC. That was set in Sept 2018 to this day.

    As like mo above I have the same CHDA problems only mines happened in June 2018. Not sure u know the full correct procedure I can explain it but when it comes to mental health issues it’s a little more complex. Anyhow i had a home visit letter since March after the 7 shambled attempted assessments. I don’t know if you know about the money parts involved with assessments. The fact was I could not attend any assessment as I was in such poor phiscal health to even leave the house for 4 months. Expect on 1 of 7 ambulance visits.



    5 years insolation with the DWP:

    Extract of e-mail to the Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, Member of Parliament for Boston & Skegness and the Office of the Senior President of Tribunals – Sir Ernest Ryder

    Dated 16th July 2018 – 3 months before the Independent Case Examiner issued their Report of the 23rd October, 2018
    “Manipulating the system to reduce the “backlog” is shameful. “cherry-picking” claimants who can afford to go without, does not help the procedures set-down or any further Decision Makers.
    In conclusion, “it is paramount of importance the DWP and CHDA provide accurate and truthful information, correcting any inadvertent error at the earliest opportunity” and we wait and see, what recommendation(s) the ICE will make and what preparations are made to avoid “a repeat performance”, August, 2019 – my 2nd Medical Assessment! I WILL NOT describe my bowel movements” !

    A Medical Assessment re-scheduled to the 13th August, 2021 after state-pension age and despite the Recommendations of the Appeal Tribunal of the 15th August, 2017

    The ”Policy” of the Department for Work & Pensions should be retained throughout:
    “Get claimants off benefits and back into employment”

    Returning to the “Disability Employment Advisor” after 4 years makes the “System” look stupid !

    Especially when the claimants have the same disabilities and the desire to find employment. The DWP should always place the claimants requirements before theirs – it is pointless making recommendations to the Appeal Tribunals of Work-Related entitlements if the claimants want Jobseekers or Support Group status.
    The burden of debt is the responsibility of the claimants, placing into the benefit system WILL NOT resolve this. Employment is the first priority.
    Leaving claimants on benefits / “credits-only” for long periods of time should be avoided – this demonstrates the incompetence of the DWP and NEVER assess claimants finances before the Disability Employment Advisor or before the WCA – you haven’t done “YOUR” job properly!
    The application form is the first point of reference not the last, make sure you understand that before moving to the next stage. NEVER start or finish telephone conversation with “You need to do this” – claimants have the right to withdraw their application. NEVER dictate or suggest they have medical conditions without the evidence in front of you.

    NEVER “BRAINWASH” INTO THINKING YOU’RE RIGHT- hiding documents or making decisions without them present is FORBIDDEN. They may wish to consult with family and friends first
    Always be polite – please and thank you – doesn’t cost anything only respect for one another – TIME IS VALUABLE – NOBODY CAN AFFORD TO WASTE. Claimants should never feel ISOLATED.
    If a “Final Response” is required don’t ditch them on another waiting list, please indicate you’ve made some effort to understand their problems. Saying self-harm or suicide would suggest this is the only answer to you have.

    The choice is yours inhuman or compassionate ?

    If the policies of the DWP are wrong – they need changing!
    If the policies of the DWP are right – they need to understand them!

    How many claimants are placed in the Work-Related Group deserve to have “Support Group” status?

    Do disabilities stop once you reach state-pension age?

    Do the DWP have the authority to over-rule the Appeal Service?

    I trust you find the above information “constructive” – after my 5 years experience on benefits!

    Yours sincerely

    Maurice Spencer


  14. For the attention of Ayesha Virk,

    The Office of Mr. Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness

    Dear Ayesha,
    I would like to apologise for the “hush” remarks, I have made!
    After years of “finger-pointing” and mis-informed directions from the DWP, we can now place the responsibility at the door of Lindsay Tickle, the Acting Head of ESA Mainstream Operations for manipulating the system to reduce the number of applicants claiming benefits.

    The DWP had the “foresight” of knowing the Decision before it was made and lower paygrades to make these Decisions

    Despite the removal of my application in October, 2015 and deleting the “selection criteria” from the Healthcare Professional’s remit. This action still left me on “Credits Only” – no payment for Jobseekers or Work-Related entitlements.
    Making my appointments with the D.E.A and H.C.P. void.
    If it weren’t for the Healthcare Professional’s lies regarding my medication, I would never pursued this nightmare and accepting the P45 shortly afterwards and telephone calls blocked.
    Under the Mandatory Reconsideration, the Decision Maker made the claim I was suffering depression and checking the application form found this was inconsistent – paying no attention to my partial sight and the fact she was told in the MR, I am Registered Partially Sighted. ASKED TO RE-APPLY, you were told this deterioration in my health – ANOTHER LIE.
    In the telephone conversation of April, 2016, the call-handler had no interest in my medical condition, insisting I should APPLY to the Appeal Service for their Judgement.
    From this point the DWP and CHDA went seriously wrong, by sending a further application form to RE-APPLY, in June of 2016 before the Appeal Hearing the following month.
    Thinking they had the “Ace-Card” in their hand they went-on to tell further lies regarding “Mr Spencer” doesn’t cope well the driving”. Knowing their recommendations would be approved by the Appeal Service, the DWP would only be responsible for the back-payment to August, 2015.

    Whilst officially in the Work-Related Group, they were given the licence to tell these outrageous claims of self-harm and suicide in the “Final Response” from the CHDA”. The CHDA forgetting the evidence of Partial Sight of January, 2016, from the hospital, my comments made during the MR and the Statement of Reasons from the Appeal of July, 2016. They were happy for me to wait, two years for the ICE Report.

    Once the application was approved by the Upper Tribunal, the DWP then made claims they understood the deterioration in my health and .were confident, no attendance was needed at the 3rd Appeal Hearing and the judgement to the “Support – Group”. Forgetting my medical problems are the reasons I took early-retirement in 2012 and the time-lapse of 8 months between their “realization” and entry into the Group.

    Promises made by Wayne Dunkley were never actioned, nor the payment of my “compensation” of £1 million, plus. All communications regarding my medical conditions stopped and the Statement of Reasons issued September 2017 “thrown” away.

    Appreciating, Lindsay Tickle the former Head of ESA Mainstream .Operations, remains in the employ of the Department for Work & Pensions and maybe “down-graded” she is still accountable, having no thought for the consequences, she is reliant on her past workforce to “cover-up” her mistakes. If they do not is their employment terminated?

    I am very grateful for your help and assistance – it couldn’t been easy for you, to play go-between. I trust Matt Warman appreciates you !!

    I will copy him and Lindsay Tickle and wait their re-action

    Thank you, again !

    With the Kindest of Regards


    Maurice Spencer,

    28th April, 2020 ESA started November, 2014 !


  15. Department for Work & Pensions Departmental
    Overview 2017-2018

    With the absence of any “savings” and the exposure by the
    Upper Tribunal of the “deleted” selection criteria for the Support Group.

    A full and honest explanation is demanded to the “link” :

    About DWP and it’s services. Ensure financial security for current and
    future pensioners by helping people to increase their pension savings.

    Disability Living Allowance

    Part Three – DWP
    Customer Services and Operations Management

    : Complaints and appeals

    : “Impartial Referee” !!!

    The number of customers complaints about DWP to
    the ICE more than doubled from 2324 in 2015-16
    to 5342 in 2017-2018


  16. To:;;;;; Sal Brinton;;;; Wayne Dunkley;; Police Commissioner Dick; Rt Hon Dr Therese Coffey;; Work & Pensions Comm; David Mangion; DWP BSD ESA Ops Customer Complaints; DWP ICE gateway team; DWP Ministerial Correspondence;;;; National Audit Office;;;;; Machen Jayne DWP WORK AND HEALTH DECISION MAKING WAKEFIELD; Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg;;;;; Lisa Osofsky; Serious Fraud Office;;;;; Sir Keith Lindblom; Rt Hon Keir Starmer; Sir Amyas Morse; Sir Robert Buckland;; HMCTS Upper Tribunal; Rt Hon Priti Patel;; Work & Pensions Comm;; Rt Hon Theresa May;;
    06/01/2022 18:04
    544.6 KB
    CHDA FINAL (3).pdf
    Save all as ZIP

    Upper Tribunal Our Ref: CE/3787/2016 Date of Receipt 9th December, 2016 UT1 and Additional Documents

    Permission Granted Directions 26th January, 2017

    First -Tier Tribunal SC306/ 16 / 00164 1st Appeal Hearing 5th July, 2016 2nd Appeal Hearing 15th August, 2017

    How do I respond to the Final Warning letters from the GLD dated 01/04/2021 and 22/10/2021- Please ?

    —— Original Message ——
    From: “mo.spencer”
    Cc: “DWP BSD ESA Ops Customer Complaints” ; “DWP Ministerial Correspondence” ;; “DWP ICE gateway team”
    Sent: Thursday, 6 Jan, 2022 At 17:45

    May I please refer you to Paragraph 42 & 44 of the I.C.E Report dated 23rd October, 2018 :

    ” On the 21 September, 2016, the CHDA Customer Relations Manager wrote in response to your e-mails and said that the CHDA were in the final stages of their investigation and would write to you once it was complete. She apologised for the delay and explained that they were unable to consider any evidence that post-dated your assessment dated ( 27th February 2016 ) as this would need to be sent to the DWP for their consideration”

    The CHDA rejected all evidence post-dated 27th February, 2016 in their Full and Final Response of the 4th October, 2016, Paragraph 44,

    “The DWP may contact you about this”

    Lindsay Tickle makes no mention of this in her letter dated 9th February, 2017 or the declarations made in the WCA application dated 13th March 2015, regarding my disabilities of November, 20115 5

    Maurice Spencer


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