Amnesty International has condemned the erosion of human rights of disabled people in UK


Dr Simon Duffy recently wrote an outstanding briefing: How the cuts target disabled people which shows very clearly how the poorest and most vulnerable citizens are paying for an economic problem that they did not cause.

Austerity has never had any moral legitimacy, or indeed any other kind of basis for validity. We know it isn’t working. Osborne’s careful selection of “leading economists”  (who are mostly business leaders with vested interests, rather than economists of an  academic calibre) to endorse his very damaging austerity program meant that he carefully excluded those who presented valid criticisms of the centrepiece of Osborne’s strategy: accelerated austerity for purely ideological ends, (see also Minarchism: the Nightwatchman State), and it halted the recovery that happened under the previous Labour Government. Much of the case for austerity also rests on The great debt lie and the myth of the structural deficit.

The widespread and relentless use of stigmatising and divisive Tory propaganda in the media has undermined public support and sympathy for the sick and disabled people of the UK. Examples of such propaganda include the ad nauseum use of value-laden terms in political narratives and the media, such as “benefit cheat”, “dependency”, “entrenched”, “fraud”, “worklessness”, “addiction”, and more opprobrious examples such as “scrounger”, “skiver”, “workshy” (see Aktion Arbeitsscheu Reich and the origins of this word, it’s now being used very frequently in the media to describe unemployed and disabled people.) 

Several studies show that compared with the end of the Labour Government, such pejorative language use has risen dramatically, and Duncan Smith is the most frequent Parliamentary user of value-laden terminology.

At the AGM on 14th April this year, Amnesty International UK passed a resolution on the Human Rights of sick and disabled people in the UK. The resolution was proposed by Rick Burgess and Nancy Farrell of the WOW petition.

The resolution said:

“This AGM calls for urgent action to halt the abrogation of the human rights of sick and disabled people by the ruling Coalition government and its associated corporate contractors.

Calls for Amnesty International UK to urgently work with grassroots human rights campaigns by and for sick and disabled people, carers and their families. And to set up a specialist Disability Human Rights network … To protect the human rights of people with disabilities, ill people and carers to halt this regressive and lethal assault on our rights.”

The full resolution with supporting information is here.

It’s taken an organisation with the respect, gravitas and the impartiality of Amnesty International to recognise that the human rights of disabled people in the UK are being attacked by their own Government, and feels a need to act in our defence. That is very encouraging, and perhaps we have reached something of a turning point. I hope so.

It is my own hope that people will recognise that their prejudice and their own lack of support and sympathy for the persecuted poor disabled people in the UK has been fuelled by the insidious propaganda of the Tory-led Coalition to justify the transfer of wealth from the poorest, and from our publicly funded welfare and support services, to the very wealthy. Tory ideology is and always has been about handouts to the very wealthy, funded by the poor. That recognition ought to generate outrage and disgust, and a publicly consolidated, conscientious consensus of determination to ensure that this never happens again.

The years immediately after the Second World War marked a turning point in the history of human rights, as the world reeled in horror of the Nazi concentration camps, there came an important realisation that although fundamental rights should be respected as a matter of course, without formal protection, human rights concepts are of little use to those facing persecution. 

So in response to the atrocities committed during the War, the International Community sought to define the rights and freedoms necessary to secure the dignity and worth of each individual.  In 1948 the newly formed United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), one of the most important agreements in world history.

Shortly afterwards another newly formed international body, the Council of Europe, set about giving effect to the UDHR in a European context. The resulting European Convention on Human Rights was signed in 1950 and ratified by the United Kingdom, one of the first countries to do so, in 1951. At the time there were only ten members of the Council of Europe. Now 47 member countries subscribe to the European Convention, and in 1998 the Human Rights Act was passed by the Labour Party in order to “give further effect” to the European Convention in British law.

The current Government are most certainly outrageous propagandists, on par with the Nazi Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda, controlling the news media in particular, with the aim of shaping and controlling public opinions, attitudes and behaviours by a process of indoctrination, using übertreiben neo-liberalist dogmata to both create and justify neo-feudal subordination, oppressive hierarchical social structures and to signify the end of our humanist ideal and practice of shared citizenship.

We have an authoritarian Government in the UK currently that has scant regard for our established rights, and wants to see them gone, and they have systematically shut down all voices of opposition, via the media. An important question to ask is why.

We must recognise our past and remember our future. We must re-remember the basic humanist principle: we are all equally precious, each life has equal worth. A society that isn’t founded on those basic principles of decency, dignity and mutual respect is untenable and unthinkable.

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and – The ESA ‘Revolving Door’ Process, and its Correlation with a Significant Increase in Deaths amongst the Disabled.

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  With thanks to Robert Livingstone for his great pictures

72 thoughts on “Amnesty International has condemned the erosion of human rights of disabled people in UK

    1. I don’t think we have reached the end of the depraved behaviour of cameron et al because they slip allsorts of measures under the radar and by the time it reaches the public domain its on the statute books just like all the other retroactive measures


  1. yes it’s about time Amnesty International stepped in as to not do so would kill many more in the welfare reform process and give a green light to the government to do as they please with the sick and disabled


  2. I’ve been well aware of this insidious, then increasingly blatant, campaign under this wretched government, ruling without a genuine majority. Those least to blame (they include me) are represented as responsible in some obscure way for economic mismanagement and dishonesty. Duncan Smith reportedly has misrepresented statistics at least five times, to force through this ‘reform’. And those three generations of families where no-one has never worked (so he says)? Neither Bath University nor the Rowntree Foundation can find a single example. You can expect more of the same propaganda as 2015 approaches. So these ‘reforms’ are popular (or populist)? It doesn’t mean they’re right, any more than burning heretics. I’m cheering on Amnesty, a long-term member.


  3. Reblogged this on The Sex Work Brief and commented:
    …and some people want to stop disabled people in the UK using sex work to save themselves and survive too…

    You don’t think disabled people incapable of other work can sell sex to survive? Why not, I did…and may soon have to again.

    Sex work suits my disability. The high hourly rate and flexibility meant I was not tied to working, and I could get paid work without the social skills and capacity to integrate socially that I have never had.

    It was hell for me, and heaven knows, I should never have been left in a position where I had no choice but sell sex to survive, but, soon, I will have no choice again, and, if I had lived in the UK I would have had no other choice for the past 20 years.

    Ruhama have no real general help to offer anyone, but they will spare no expense in buying token “prostituted women” as fake evidence to support their lies. They offered me first refusal over Rachel Moran. If I had accepted that, and, once having abandoned all conscience to that extent accepted their assistance to bounce of the equally calculating Duncroft scandal I was also connected to, there is little doubt that I would now be a minor household name and certainly never have to fear for my survival again…

    …but…my disability also means that I cannot live even normal range social lies, and I CERTAINLY cannot walk away from my conscience, without a backward glance, and promote lies that I know will persecute people and destroy their lives and opportunities.


  4. Yes, and wouldn’t it bre nice if Amnesty International, and the Churches and Unions who have spoken out about this abhorent attack on the poor, get together and organise a mass protest march. This surely would have some impact.I I still am amazed that the vast majority of people canot see that one day, the changes taking place now will affect them in the future.


  5. I’ve often quoted Niemöller in recent months. Sad to say those who judge the less advantaged still don’t seem able to see beyond their copy of the Daily Mail. It’s good to see Amnesty speaking out… but that was in April. How much more anti-disability rhetoric and harmful changes to the already meagre income of many people has gone on since then?


  6. On Welfare News Service there is a case of a blind lady being denied information for and the means of communicating in her preferred Braille and audio formats by a DWP employee. There is a lot in her story that shows a breach not only of the Equality Act but also breaches of human kindness and empathy.


    1. Atos claimed they were above the Equality Act when a man challenged them regarding similar discrimination – making “reasonable adjustments” for disabled people, and making services accessible is the law. They really think they can get away with this, but when push came to shove, they made an out of court settlement. However, had this been decided in court, it would have set a precedent. Hence the settlement out of court.

      But it WILL happen. They cannot keep acting outside the law. The problem is compounded by the fact that Atos often blame the DWP and vice versa. But I blame the Government, who wrote the Atos contract. Not that I think Atos ought to be allowed the “just following orders” excuse, ever.

      This Government have NO compassion. They have depopulated their policies and dehumanised many the most vulnerable social groups. One thing we can do is to continue to present our accounts, out human experiences under this brutal authoritarian regime .It re-asserts our humanity and it adds to a growing body of qualitative evidence that will condemn them.


      1. The lady in question (WelshWallace) is joining up with a major charity and I believe will take DWP to court. I really hope she succeeds.


  7. “Next”
    ” Sorry you’re a fourth class citizen.”
    ” Difficult and hard to prove you’re disabled?”
    “Tough luck.”
    “Will you move please. There’s a queue behind you.”
    “Security move this obstruction”
    “Used to be a Consultant?”
    “Tough luck”


  8. I am a baby boomer, so I was born into the time of the beginning of the welfare state and nhs when things were improving for the more needy and poor. I never thought I would witness such an insidious dissolution of all the humanitarian rights won since this a nazi type govt. George orwell’s animal farm is becoming a reality before our eyes as society becomes complicit due to govt’newspeak’ propoganda via the media

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    1. If someone had forewarned me of this 10 years ago, i would have struggled to believe them. We had 60 years or so of hard earned social evolution, civilisation and decency. Undone in just 2 years by the worst Government of our lifetimes.

      As well as being horrific in terms of the implications regarding the undermining of our human rights, the utter despair and sadness of witnessing such an uncivilising, brutal, hugely regressive process is terrible sometimes.


      1. I probably won’t survive another term of the conservatives, being sick and disabled myself. If they are back in Office after 2015, I am off to France.


      2. i wish you well kitty I’m not sure I’ll make it as the DWP have very severely damaged my nerves over the past 33 years so bad they I’m unable to eat most days so look like a prisoner of war of which i am judging by my condition

        As I’ve always said you don’t need to live in Burma when I’m already living it


  9. I am convinced there is a link between the erosion of human rights in the UK and the Coalition’s passing into law of the fixed term parliament. I think the fixed term parliament has substantially weakened opposition to many welfare “reforms”.


    1. Yes, good point. There’s also a link with authoritarianism, and the growth of socio-economic inequalities. The law change is one of any that bear the characteristic hallmarks of facade democracy and authoritarianism


      1. Plus there are those reactive amendments to social security legislation whenever there is a test case ruling in favour of the claimant.


  10. I think this is great but can i ask Are you going to put this before the court of human right has over 10,500 have already died? please the quicker everyone knows that you are going to take this government to the court and see how they think it will go


    1. Yes, over 10,600 have died, and DWP admit this in response to an FOI. However, the Labour Party raised this in Parliament more than once, using information and case studies from the disabled community, and from the FOI. IDS is in denial.

      Proving that those people died as a direct consequence of government policy is difficult. One comment from IDS was that these were very ill people who would have died anyway.

      However, I did some work on the FOI and compared the deaths with the numbers on the old incapacity benefit. The death rate for the same time frame in that cohort was 310. That’s probably around the number of people that would have died because of their illness. There’s a vast increase under the new ESA regime which I have linked with the assessment process, which is continuous and very stressful – I’ve been through it myself. It’s a revolving door process.

      I am in touch with the International Human Rights Commission, who have condemned the welfare “reforms” and are challenging. The Government don’t see our human rights as “hard law”, but more like “guidelines”. It’s down to each individual affected to launch a legal challenge, that’s the only way we can make a difference, until the election anyway. Then a vote for labour, who have always championed human rights in the UK, is my own aim. So far they are the only group that have challenged the Coalition about the human rights abuses, and the persecution of the disabled.

      Here is the work I did on the FOI and the increase in the numbers of deaths under the Coalition’s ESA regime –


      1. IDS’ argument “these were very ill people who would have died anyway.” can be countered by “then why continually assess them if you “know” they will die?”.

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      2. Yes, they can’t have it all ways. At the least it shows just how wrong Atos and the DWP are getting this. This figure refers to those passed as fit for work.


      3. IDS is clutching at straws what about people like me who over the past 33 years have suffered abuse by the DWP who have left me looking like a skeleton and with my Tory mp who came round my house taking one look at me and beating a hasty retreat out of the door never to return

        We only have contact now in private by email so what does that tell you ?

        Many have died that’s true but if it weren’t for the additional pressures placed upon those sick and disabled at the time of their death some of them would still be alive today ?

        There is no doubt that the welfare reform bill was deeply floored and i made my points to my mp in 2010 highlighting to him there were no safeguards built in as the claimant was always at the mercy of their local office and had to abide at all times as to what they can and cant do by that office

        I have lost 33 years of my life to the DWP regime and now at the age of 60 still have 6 years more to go that’s if i have enough mental strength left in me as for my physical strength in which i have to rest on the bed every two hours that is very tough indeed

        i think the International Human Rights Commission,will have to at some point have to step in otherwise IDS and ATOS will go on to kill or mentally harm thousands of more people in the long term in the pursuit of saving money


  11. “we are all equally precious, each life has equal worth…”

    If that’s the case, then why have I been denied support to get access to medical help for 2 years and – furthermore – when I’ve attempted to get help for myself have I been denied it because I refuse to take medical ‘advice’ I know to be at best totally outdated, and – at worst – dangerous because it would exacerbate my condition to the point where I’d require surgery, surgery that would be TOTALLY UNNECESSARY if the NHS would only adopt current research into what constitutes a healthy diet.

    I KNOW why I’m sick, I’m sick because I, like everyone else in the country believed eating fat was what made me fat, so I stripped every milligram of it from my diet, just like I was told to do by the diabetes dietician. I got fatter. She also told me to swap to Alpro because soy would “significantly increase” my weight loss. As soon as I learnt the truth about soy – and eating fat – I went low-carb/high-fat, and chucked the Alpro in the bin!

    Sadly, it was too late, as I now have gallstones (which never gave me any probs until about 18 months ago when I believe one became lodged in the common bile duct). Gallstones are calcified bile, NOT fat but, as bile is partly comprised of cholesterol (and that’s not a soapbox I’m going to get on to now, suffice it to say that cholesterol is as essential to life as blood, water and oxygen) cholesterol is primarily seen as a Very Bad Thing, and it’s known that eating too much (saturated) fat causes a rise in cholesterol levels (it does, saturated fat raises HDL levels) it’s assumed that gallstones are caused by overconsumption of fat so the current advice to prevent them is to eat a VLF diet. Thing is, they’re not; I know of many folk, just like me, who’ve come to LCHF via the standard conventional wisdom LFHC route and 90% of then – those that know about them at least, have stones. Stones are caused by eating TOO LITTLE fat, not too much, because the bile is just sitting there not doing anything – it’s like a river, prevent a river from flowing and it silts up. Keep the bile moving and stones won’t form.

    Sadly, the NHS refuse to believe this and won’t help me unless and until I go back to eating LFHC – which, as eating LCHF lost me 22.5st, I obviously won’t EVER do. I’ve also got hyperthyroidism thanks to all that soy.

    Oh and I’m severely autistic which, I think, is a blessing in disguise. Okay, it’s preventing me from getting better – though I don’t see how I’d be able to persuade the NHS they’re wrong even if I WASN’T autistic but, I’d probably have (had) a job and could save towards private treatment (and I know of many GPs who’ve been hounded out of the NHS for advocating LCHF and refusing to script statins and forced to set up in private practice.

    Eating more carbs and less fat and expecting to lose weight, makes about as much sense as telling a smoker with lung cancer that increasing the amount they smoke will cure it!

    I found one advocacy agency who refused to support me unless I took advice (“You’re not a doctor – how can you say you know better than a doctor…?!” Precisely for that reason – doctors really ARE indoctrinated to believe lies, myths, propaganda and half-truths). If I WASN’T autistic, I’d probably have become another gov’t statistic by now; okay, it’s incredibly isolating and lonely, but I’ve been on this Earth 4 decades, so I’m used to that now…

    I’m surviving. Not living, not even existing, just surviving (though feck knows what I’ll do when my supply of a certain powder runs out, as it’s not legal anymore; it was claimed to be responsible for the deaths of 2 US bodybuilders whose hearts stopped. It wasn’t, they both had undetected congenital cardiomyopathy (a condition which has claimed the lives of many (semi) famous musicians – Joe Strummer being probably the most famous example). Makes me want to SCREAM; ban a substance because it MAY have killed 2 people – how many have died from cigarettes and booze…?! Actually, nicotine is (fairly) harmless, it’s the tar in cigs that does the damage).

    I realise I’m IMPOSSIBLE to like, I know this and, if there was something I could do about it, I would, but 15 years in a minor public convent school put paid to that (I was labelled as dyslexic, despite having a reading age of 18 at 7, and beginning to read at 2. When I left, at 18, someone wrote in my leavers’ book that she remembered asking me how to spell something when we were in Reception and I spelt it non-phonetically – which wasn’t how we were taught. I was basically a dictionary when the teacher was busy!). It was an excuse by Attila The Nun to keep me away from everyone because I’d “corrupt” them (I was Satanic – I was “the daughter of Satan”, the “devil’s child”, “the devil’s daughter”). Even my PARENTS went along with her – is it any WONDER my social and interpersonal skills are non-existent…?!

    So, no, I don’t feel of any worth at all. I feel like a worthless piece of shit; it’s how everyone treats me, and I know it’s because they don’t understand, don’t ‘get’ me, and I don’t blame them for it, but the fact remains, that’s how I feel…

    Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s the truth. X❤X


    1. i have heard it all before
      i have just been diagnosed with Asperger after 33 years funny that because up till now i was schizophrenic. They say i see life in a wrong way as i myself am kind and courteous they say most people are out to get you because of your kindness it upsets them being confronted by a man of great honesty and integrity and because they in general the public don’t have it you become isolated and they stay away from you

      my kidney stones i have been making for the past ten years is because i don’t drink enough which is a bit difficult when your constantly feeling sick there again my fault for being ill

      my so called doctors that look after me are OK and by and large the hospital surgeons are OK but in the past their Seniors professors etc never told me that i was to blame for all my illnesses they always said what a wonderful person i was a bit of fresh air to be around funny that over the past years how mis diagnosed you can be

      Oh well maybe in the coming years there’ll say something else and I’ll get another tag to my name like autism could do as am known as a expert with small print and bullxxxx when i hear it. the prime ministers over the years have kept me very busy in that department


    2. i should add what we really have and make no bones about it is that this government is pure evil whose main role is out to destroy certain groups of people and to marginalise others that are within it and in reality that is what we are seeing and should they continue in power after 2015 then things will escalate to such a level that death for many will be much preferable then to try to stay alive and live in such a cruel and callous society the hallmarks of a conservative goverment


    3. Sarah, It’s my philosophy, and shared by socialists, but I’m not in Government, or responsible for the policies that are so negatively affecting our lives. But it remains my own principle. And you are equally precious and of equal worth to me. I certainly don’t dislike you, and feel sad that you feel the way you do because of experiences and through no fault of your own. You are a person bad things have happened to, not a bad person.

      Your interpersonal skills are looking pretty fine to me, and your humour is excellent – “Attila The Nun”. That’s an exceptional coping strategy too.

      So sorry to hear of your problems, and many of us have been reduced to surviving instead of living under the current regime, and many have died. I am also ill, I have lupus. I struggle to get by sometimes. Just like far too many others.

      Despite the horrors we are living through, it won’t change my own personal principles that underpin how I regard and respect others, so I won’t apologise for my site logo. If we cannot share common decency and courtesy amongst ourselves, then we have truly lost our fight for civilisation. And we cannot be beaten by this lot of elitist brutish, bully boy thugs. And yes, Nick, evil. I agree totally. x


  12. Hi sarah, don’t think you’re alone, we’re out here & also feel your (our) pain. Ditto for my gall stones, too. I have a PhD and taught medics years ago, and I’m still treated like a problem not patient.

    It also goes back to the original thread – the lack of champions for our causes as the human rights of the sick & disabled are kicked around like a football. The Churches and the likes of Amnesty have the moral authority and resources to help us. The trade unions have the numbers too. Let’s ask them – and posit the question – in the next five years – where were you when they knocked on our doors to take us away?

    The latest suggestion – of what can only be called modern workhouses (residential, mandatory and with workfare for the disabled) shows there is still a lot of scope for further descent into their hell.


  13. Right lets lay my cards on the table, I have a co-morbidity of six conditions effecting me in tandem…they include mental/emotional and learning difficulties that produce a wide array of symptoms…So yes I am currently a welfare dependent…Am I work shy – no! am I a scrounger? – No in fact I am on contribution based benefits..which basically means I paid loads of money in to the national insurance pool, based on basic salary and pretty much an enforced and excessive amount of over time working as a train driver in a unhealthy work regime designed to force through privatization with no regard to the safe operation of the decaying system and the welfare or human rights of the undermanned workforce who were being bullied into compliance with an unsafe set of practises designed to force through the privatization at all costs…including regard to the sanctity of human life (Ref the 3 major crashes that occurred in the same time frame). Without adequate safeguards the situation degenerated rapidly in regards to the H&S requirement. Bullying was rife, corruption of the people who were to monitor the situation a constant influence and the only people who seemed to be really concerned about it – was us drivers…perhaps because like the passengers we were the only people risking our lives on a daily basis…kind of sharpens up the focus…believe me…75 hours of total focus getting spun round the clock on a weekly basis (producing a shrouded effect akin to constant jet-lag) and one day off in every 14, purely because this was the enforced minimum requirement they couldn’t corrupt (If they had the choice they would have removed that need if they had the chance)….I couldn’t keep up and resist the pressure that tried to cohearse me into aiding the lack of H&S application. Believe me you had to have strong individual constitution both physically and mentally to effectively resist becoming part of a corrupted environment.

    Needless to say with out respite or adequate support I had a mental breakdown, which was drawn out over six months, during which time stress and anxiety and unregulated shift patterns combined and sleep deprivation was wholesale (On average I managed about 2 hours sleep a day on average – and still they wouldn’t ease up the pressure in spite of being fully aware of the effect it was having), that was around 10 years ago and I am still struggling to stabalise now….

    I won’t go into my complete personal and educational and vocational history on this site, but there are collusive effects in all these areas.

    Its left me with Post-traumatic reaction that the minute I sense bullying I am instantly thrown into a “Fight to the death” application, purely because I would have died or killed myself otherwise at various junctures of my biographical history.

    This is the reason why i am going to join a few dots for you…The details I allude to are all a matter of record or common knowledge in the internet realm. Though many are stand alone snippets of information, which I will draw into a collusive picture…..

    Firstly there is an American Insurance company that lobbied MP’s in 2002 with a scheme to privatize the welfare system. Its plan included the well-worn Tory legend – Work must pay more than welfare and must be seen to do so!” (Recognise the language? Didn’t even have the intelligence to reword the document’s mantra) (Great they’re going to increase wages! No? what are they going to do then?). Simple push welfare below the poverty-line making its protective safety net totally worthless. Thus installing a real fear of redundancy into the British work and the American insurance company will save you with its “Unemployment protection insurance policies”

    (Probably not out of the kindness of their own hearts as I’d challenge you to name any single privatization that has been in the best interest of the public and didn’t esculate in costs as a consequence…go on then?). Also as National insurance contributions have been seriously devaluerd…do you suppose the “Unholy trinity” will refund you the difference now you are having to pay twice for a pre-existing level of financial support during times of harsdship?) Bet those who sing from the same song-sheet as the economic fascists of the unholy trinity, never realised they were being manipulated into basically shooting themselves in the foot!)…Now do you regret trolling the internet with your regurgitated disabled person’s hate speech? I thing it was a high ranking member of the illuminatithat saide the best system for slavery is the one where the plebs enslave themselves” -now whose the MUG? Your the real target of this corruption not the sick and disabled who are merely there to distract your attention.

    Yeah but the insurance policy will protect me won’t it ? “AHA YOUR A DOUBLE MUG”..try inputting Unum Providence and US litigation concern immoral and illegal acts designed to not provide the pay-outs of policies sold in the USA..

    Its quite a nice (and profitable) little number…So why has that sterling bloke Cameron tied himself to an international corporation with such as bad rep? Well you could ask him directly…or perhaps you might like to engauge a forensic accountant and have a lovely game of “Hunt the (financial) slipper” ? I base this asumption on the article that only the “Daily Express” ran which was the revelation Cameron had recieved a £750,000 package of benefits from Private Health Insurance (Just a friendly gesture and in no way should be tied to any adverse effects the NHS is currently suffering)….bit like the unsolicited award of an advisory role for UNUM in the DWP – Let me reiterate…WHY DOES HE TIE HIMSELF TO A COMPANY WHOSE INDULGED IN CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR…..come on do I have to spell it out for you? Finally the Trolling of disabled hate-speech is looking less like random redneck trailer trash singing from the governments hym book and is suspiciously sounded like Tory-speak, which I can only suspect is being generated by some undisclosed PR companies attempting to manipulate the public mind (Well you can’t be trusted to think yourselves can you?) If you think a matrix web of ideaolgy sounds too much like conspriacy theories…try going on Youtube and compare news reports from the Vietnam war and compare them to eithier or both gulf wars…then perhaps you’ll get the same sense that something is missing? Blood? Mutilation? little kids fearfully running with their skin hanging off due to napalm? This is what we call Psyche-ops…..propoganda via sterile ommissions…..

    Which co-incidentally was another aspect of UNUM’s great overall all plan – which was headed how to turn public opinion against the unemployed, sick and disabled..(.I am sure they were only joking when the wrote that)

    Lastly amnesty international will forever have my gratitude for debunking Camerons claim to have been inspired by Nelson Mendella (Bit Like Hitler claiming Ghandi as an inspiration?)…Thanks to the human rights abuses he can no longer claim to hold positision with that great man…but will have to content himself will be considered as just another “evil” man…like that nice man mugabe!


    1. mugabe! is in the same mould as Cameron funny that they should both despise each other you would think they would be the best of mates with so much in common ?


  14. One other tyhing if you think I use language to well for a disabled person…bear this retort in ming – “I am suffering mental illness – not terminal stupidity!” Try watching a beautiful mind if you think intelligence is some of sticking plaster against you getting a disorder….? Just a friendly warning to all you disability hate-speakers out there….


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