Iain Duncan Smith’s historic links to the far-right – Tom Pride



From Pride’s Purge 

(not satire – it’s Iain Duncan Smith!)

No one should be surprised by the extremities of Duncan Smith’s attacks on the welfare state.

After all, Duncan Smith has a history of links to far-right politics – including racist and fascist organisations.

  • In 1995,  Duncan Smith was one of a few Tory MPs who met with senior figures of the racist and anti-semitic French National Front in Westminster. Le Pen’s deputy, Bruno Gollnisch MEP, later said Duncan Smith and other Tory MPs they met were “sympathetic” to their views:

I came to meet members of the Conservative Party sympathetic to our views… I met Duncan Smith and others in their offices and later we got together for less formal talks in a bar somewhere in the Parliament building.

  • The vice-president of Duncan Smith’s leadership campaign team in Wales was Edgar Griffin – the father of BNP leader Nick Griffin. Edgar later said the reason he was not a member of the BNP was because it was “too moderate” for him – unlike the Tory Party. And unlike Duncan Smith too presumably.
  • A Tory Party far-right wing fringe organisation called the Swinton Circle also supported Duncan Smith in his successful bid to lead the Tory Party. The Swinton Circle is led by former National Front activist Alan Harvey and has close ties to pro-apartheid far-right South African groups such as the Springbok Club.

I think he’s very good.

If you can tell the nature of a politician by his supporters, Duncan Smith is a very extreme politician indeed.

No surprises then that he was one of the first UK politicians to call for the invasion of Iraq. And believes unpaid work makes you free.

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3 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith’s historic links to the far-right – Tom Pride

  1. The Tories do not need links to the far right.
    The Tories are the same as they always were.
    The Tories and Liberals brought in the Workhouse that killed 5 million, without once realising who the poor really were. The amended the Poor Law, calling it the New Poor Law that forbade people being fed by the parish trustees granting a shilling for a loaf of bread that had worked for centuries.

    Engels writing his book in 1844 soon found that the bourgeoisie never cared for the poor, let alone the aristocracy of the high Tory giving one thought to the lowest paid in society.

    In fact, few if any have really cared for the poor in our history. We have starved to death over many centuries.

    Requested, please, is Labour party members to share the existence of my petition on their personal and Labour party social media so as to change Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, so that they may amend the Labour party election manifesto well ahead of the 2015 general election.

    Over 35 millions people did not vote Labour in last two general elections.

    There are 23 million people over 50 in the UK.

    So far around 530,000 women have lost state pension payout from 2013, which for the majority is their food money, as half of women 60-66 are within the working poor.

    Numberless millions more women, and a lot of men, lose all state pension from 2016 altogether.

    No benefit no access to food vouchers from food banks or Cold Weather Payments.

    No state pension no access to Winter Fuel Allowance.

    My petiton also includes men and women with nil state pension from their part time working, with other pension / NI credit changes.

    And the loss of £3000 extra tax allowance above the basic tax allowance to men and women who turned 65 from 2013.

    Help me to help Labour win a landslide victory in 2015, and not be a minority government, as 2015 will see the lowest voter turnout in UK history.


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