Think the political parties are not partisan enough for you? Watch the food banks debate and think again

21 thoughts on “Think the political parties are not partisan enough for you? Watch the food banks debate and think again

  1. labour have said they’d make the WCA fit for purpose. They have to scrap it and replace it with a solution that takes nothing from UNUM to be at all credible for me.


    1. There has always been some kind of assessment – there was for incapacity benefit. Labour have launched challenge after challenge against this government regarding the current state of affairs with the WCA, and ESA, I have submitted evidence myself, and recently to the work and pensions committee for their ongoing enquiry, headed by Dame Begg. I am confident that labour will put this right


  2. They all do it we know re: stir the chemical toilet…..but a f*****g Australian?..The Tories reached new lows when they employed this c**t…They don’t even like him in Australia so he brings all his colonial shite ideas of sheep shagging over here….mind you there are plenty in the Tory party who like a bit of that…..plenty of scandal to come out of “upsetting the police” in the next few months I’m sure…how does that song go?……”I’ve got a little dossier”


  3. brilliant.. as always.. with a few tweaks I’d say the article could be interchangeable for the USA except for the technical stuff.. well done and sorry I never seem to show up here to say it..


    1. Thanks Mg, most people comment on the shares on FB rather than here, anyway, and that’s fine. The exception tends to be the ESA related stuff.

      Yes, propaganda techniques don’t vary much from country to country.We’ve been in the wake of the USA for a long while, now.


  4. Kitty you write some excellent pieces, I only wish the wider general sheep flocking public would get to see more of the truth. How do we achieve that with the bias in the media?


  5. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Kitty here argues that the attitude that politicians are all the same, and that Labour supports the government austerity measures, has been deliberately fostered by Cameron and his spin doctor, Lynton Crosbie, as a way of dividing the left so that the Tories can win. The reality is very different from the falsehoods about Milliband and Labour printed and broadcast by the Tory media.


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