Some of the promises the Tories are trying to delete from the internet


Some of the promises the Tories are trying to delete from the internet:

1. No cuts to front-line services.

2. “We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT”.

3. Cameron said “I wouldn’t means-test child benefit”.

4. “No more top-down reorganisations of the NHS”.

5. On Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA): “We don’t have any plans to get rid of them”.

6. Cameron on Sure Start: “Yes we back Sure Start. It’s a disgrace that Gordon Brown has been trying to frighten people about this”.

7. On the Future Jobs Fund: “We have no plans to change it”.

8. Cameron on green taxes: “[They] need to go up”.

9. Osborne on bank bonuses: “Totally unacceptable”.

10. And finally, Cameron’s commentary on transparency in 2007: “It’s clear to me that political leaders will have to learn to let go. Let go of the information we have guarded so jealously”.


The internet won’t forget Cameron’s lies, and neither will the British people  – The Independent.

 “The throne was golden and the lectern was golden and the speech was very clear: austerity will not be temporary policy in Tory Britain. It will last forever. Addressing a roomful of diplomats and business leaders who had just dined lavishly at the Lord Mayor’s banquet, the Prime Minister this week promised a “leaner, more efficient state”. “We need to do more with less,” said David Cameron, looking comfy in his white tie and tails. “Not just now, but permanently.”

But he hadn’t counted on Ruth Hardy, a journalism student, who was working as a waitress that night. “The contrast of the two worlds was striking; someone said it was like a scene from Downton Abbey,” wrote Hardy for the Guardian.

“Maybe Cameron didn’t see the irony; perhaps he forgot about the army of waiting staff, cleaners, chefs and porters who were also present at the banquet. Perhaps he thought he was in a room of similarly rich people, who understood the necessity for austerity. Perhaps it didn’t occur to him that this message might not be as easily comprehended by those who hadn’t just enjoyed a four-course meal. Perhaps he forgot about those of us, disabled or unemployed or on the minimum wage, for whom austerity has had a catastrophic and wounding effect.”

The steep cuts to higher education funding were amongst the first austerity measures that the coalition imposed, in direct violation of their election promises, after taking office in 2010. It didn’t take the government long to raise VAT, cut front-line services, radically reform the NHS from the top down and close down Sure Start services. Child benefits are now means-tested, and child tax credit payment is to be restricted to only two children per family. 

The government are also planning on restricting Freedom of Information disclosures. The many rebukes for telling lies from the Office for National Statistics, amongst other organisations, indicates very clearly that this is not a transparent and democratically accountable government at all.

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20 thoughts on “Some of the promises the Tories are trying to delete from the internet

  1. Our economics depend on the IMF. If they forclose on funding your right wing third world britain policies you will have absolutely nothing to smile about. You have put all the lower strata of people below the breadline whilst fattening the rich. This is obscene.
    History will mark you as one of our greatest failures.


    1. You could argue the opposite mike, ….that these promises were made just to provide cover that the Tory Party was no longer still believed to be the Nasty Party. IN fact they had NO intention of ever keeping these promises..and the blowback from all these ‘lies’ has achieved exactly what they had spent 13 yrs in opposition planning al all.along……in that respect..its a success (for rich white folks)..its a disaster for the 99% of us on the recieving end…


      1. I believe Stephen Bee is absolutely spot on. Long before the 2009 banking crisis the nasty and rather weird Tory, Oliver Letwin, said publicly that the Tories intended to decimate public services (a speech where he said public sector workers needed “discipline and fear”). This isn’t failure, it was exactly what the Nasty Party planned.


      2. I agree that it was long-planned. The attack on our rights, services, provisions and public funds is too well-coordinated to be incidental.

        The persistent denials of the consequences of their policies also betray the tories’ intentions.


  2. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    All the election pledges the Tories made, have broken, and are now trying to airbrush out of history. It shows the Stalinist, Orwellian nature of the Tories and their attitude to history. So, whenever a government spokesman starts parroting some nonsense about what the government has done, just remember: it’s coming from the Ministry of Truth. And you are Winston Smith.


  3. No matter how they try they cannot get rid of the suffering throughout the UK. One only has to go to the towns and villages to see what has happened to those who have nothing left, to those who have taken everything from those who have nothing left.
    This coalition will go down in history as the nasty party, but firstly they will go down as greedy corporate lying bastards who let people die and didn’t care a jot! They will ALL be responsible for crimes against humanity and I hope to God that they do go before judges and jury’s for that!


  4. Kittysjones i totally agree with you on this; “I agree that it was long-planned. The attack on our rights, services, provisions and public funds is too well-coordinated to be incidental.”, but like Thatcher had long planned her fight with the Unions and the Miners in particular, the most evil aspects were left to her second term in office. If we dont win this election we will see something never witnessed before in this nation state. Severe poverty, the return of massive rates of diseases predominately amongst children such as rickets, scarlet fever, etc etc. A new paradigm will emerge of society. Serfdom will have nothing on what may come.


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