Peter Duut’s Mother In Law Speaks Out About Her Daughter’s Current Situation

This is how vulnerable people are treated here in the UK.

Same Difference

Same Difference has been in touch with the mother-in-law of Mr Peter Duut, who has asked for the following to be published exclusively, and shared with those who might remember his quite high-profile case.

I am the mother of Mrs Laurel Joanna Duut, the widow of Peter Duut, who died tragically in October 2011, after financially supporting my disabled daughter for years preciously in Holland, and also in the UK after all of her benefits ceased in 2002 after she had cared for her terminally ill father – we have never been given any reason as to why her benefits had ceased.

In the months before his death, Peter was denied benefits even though he had worked very hard in the Netherlands and the UK paying tax and National insurance in both countries. He was refused benefits and advised that he had no right to reside in the UK. As…

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