In four years, Cameron has told just two truths, and those were uttered inadvertently.


David Cameron made a clear and very telling Freudian slip during his Conference speech today:

“This party is the trade union for children from the poorest estates and the most chaotic homes; this party is the union for the young woman who wants an apprenticeship; teenagers who want to make something of their lives – this is who we resent.”

See live coverage here

The only other truth Cameron has ever told is: We are raising more money for the rich,”  which was blurted out during Parliamentary debate on 12th December 2012. This was a memorable Commons debate, with Ed Miliband delivering some outstanding challenges to David Cameron, some of which provoked the Freudian-style slip, and exposed the traditional Tory values and ideology underpinning their policies.

See live coverage here539627_450600381676162_486601053_n (2)1235473_537097386359794_65317730_n (1)

These are such rare, historical occasions that simply ought to be reported.

See here for Tory lies and tall stories

See here for the official rebukes regarding the many  Tory lies

There is one policy proposal that we must also take very seriously: Cameron intends scrapping our Human Rights Act and withdrawing from the ECHR. Should the Tories get the opportunity via another Term in Office, they will certainly follow through with this policy proposal. Human rights are the bedrock of democracy, which the Tories have already imperiled. 

But the Tories have been quietly and steadily dismantling both rights and democratic process since 2010.

Thanks to our Robert Livingstone for his brilliant art work, exposing Tory lies.


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