Minister insists DWP is right to ignore reports of deaths linked to benefits


The new Conservative minister for disabled people has insisted that his department is right to ignore reports of deaths linked to the loss or non-payment of disability benefits.

18 thoughts on “Minister insists DWP is right to ignore reports of deaths linked to benefits

  1. It is disgusting how thwy are getting away with murder they must pay dearly for this. Why is it being over looked? This government must charged with manslaughter if that is the case.


  2. If coroners are stating loss of benefits or WCA as contributing to the deaths of vulnerable people, then I would assume that would be strong evidence in a court of law. Do we know if there has been any test case? I know if anything happened to a family member, then I would be going after the decision maker as being the responsible person. If they are stupid enough to put their name to a legal document, then they will end up in court. Why are families not pursuing this? Or even banding together and going for a class action? Iain Duncan Smith is responsible for all these thousands of deaths, but gets away with it through very stupid jobworths at the DWP doing all the dirty work for him.


  3. You can hear them repeating the narrative to themselves “it’s not _our_ fault that people are killing themselves due to the kafkaesque benefits system it was because they were mentally ill”. The DWP, pathologising hopelessness.


  4. For god sake, what sort of society are we living in. if someone has a broken leg or cancer its there to see, if a person has a mental health issue their working the system, according to this government. To my mind its institutional rape of the most vulnerable in our society. Its Disgusting.


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