Ed Miliband’s policy pledges at a glance

Yesterday, Ed Miliband made these 15 promises to every UK voter. We need to share these widely because we know that the mainstream media will never mention them.
With many thanks to Vital Voter Views for this meme.

A summary of Labour’s key policies

100 policy pledges to date

23 thoughts on “Ed Miliband’s policy pledges at a glance

  1. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    You can tell that the Tories and establishment are genuinely afraid of ‘red’ Ed, because of the amount of effort they are putting into denying that he and Labour are a threat. For example, the Spectator this week had an article stating that it wasn’t just Ed, but the entire Labour party was a spent force. When they start saying things like that, you can smell the fear.


  2. Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    Love it and agree that the UK media will suppress it. All because it doesn’t play to their own narratives of disgusting, unethical and blatant lies. I am truly amazed and saddened what i have whiteness over the previous four or more years. Never thought I would see this country to be dragged down to a levels they are now. This government with aid of our media have deluded so many. I hope their criminalises will eventually be brought to light


  3. When you go to vote you only need to remember just one of the many good policies here that will decide which way to vote and that is your health and the H&SC Act and yes whilst you maybe fit now and not in need of our NHS that may not be the case going forward. Yes the NHS is fair to all even those millionaires and capitalists.


  4. I sometimes wonder what is the point of this. I mean Tony Blair has not been to held responsible for his wars, David Cameron has not been held responsible for his attacks on the poor, the only thing we can do is vote and even that is no guarantee of a good thing for the country.


    1. I wasn’t aware that Blair ‘owned’ wars, Ian. It’s a strange way of seeing events, given the US lead role in those, and the fact that the Iraq war was voted through in parliament by the Tories, since 140 Labour MPs voted against it. And to preempt you, chemical weapons, which were deployed against the Kurds, are classified as WMDs…

      Secondly, you claim nothing is being done about Camerons’ attacks on the poor, but the UN has launched an inquiry into the UK treatment of disabled people, gross breaches to their human rights. Cameron has already been warned that he has contravened the rights of women and children because of the austerity measures. There will be legal consequences of that.


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