Ed Miliband’s 10 Biggest Successes as Labour Leader, at a glance – LabourLeft

Thanks to Sean at LabourLeft for this neat summary
1.      Ed made the “cost of living crisis” the central issue in British politics, and the central economic challenge to reform our economy to ensure that prosperity is shared by the broad majority and not just the few at the top. Your pay packet has suffered its most sustained real terms fall in 159 years.

2.      Ed stood up to Rupert Murdoch over phone hacking and blocked Murdoch’s attempt to concentrate media ownership further when he tried to buy 100% of BskyB. Remember just how close the Tory Party and previous Labour leaders were to Murdoch.

3.      Ed stopped David Cameron’s rush to war in Syria in 2013. Ed has also apologised for the Iraq war.

4.      Ed has promised to tackle the scandal of low pay and economic insecurity for millions by calling for the end of zero hours contracts, a sharp increase in the minimum wage & support for companies paying the living wage. Ed will give every worker the right to demand fixed hours.

5.      Ed has pledged to protect your public National Health Service, free at the point of delivery, and repeal the government’s vicious Health & Social Care Act. Ed will repeal every section of the NHS Act. Ed will also scrap the Bedroom Tax

6.      He publicly challenged the Daily Mail over their outrageous attack on his father, who fought for Britain at D-Day, for being “the man who hated Britain”. Much of the smears against Ed today are a direct consequence of this stand he took.

7.      He was the first party leader to call on Britain’s banks, whether publicly bailed out or not, to contain their pay and bonus awards. Ed has vowed to break up the banks and put workers on the boards.

8.      He believes those with more should pay more tax as part of a fair and sustainable recovery, and has pledged to restore the top rate of tax to 50p on those earning over £150,000, as well as putting in place a Mansion Tax on homes worth over £2m to add £12.5bn of funding our NHS.

9.      He stood up to the companies running our broken energy market, pledging to reset the market, close down Ofgem, and freeze prices for 500 days from day 1 of a Labour Government to protect you.

10.   Ed wants the UK to remain in the European Union and has stood up to pressure to take Britain to the exit door. No other mainstream leader can guarantee Britain’s continued membership of the EU.

I will add that Ed also champions Human Rights, equality, and has strongly opposed leaving the ECHR. A good indication of a government’s intentions is reflected in whether or not that government values and observes fundamental Human Rights. Labour gave us the Human Rights Act, and the Equality Act, the Tories want to repeal both. And withdraw from the ECHR.

That’s a very fundamental difference between the parties.

For me, this is probably a key election issue, because without human rights there is no framework for any semblance of social justice or democracy. Kitty.

 Thanks to Robert Livingstone

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