UKIP: Disability claimants are “parasitic underclass of scroungers”




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Accused of “pointing at immigrants and the disabled and holding his nose” on Question Time last night, Farage retorted that he “never has” criticised people with disabilities.

Yeah, Nige. Apart from in that manifesto policy document which was mysteriously deleted from the UKIP website last year.

The party claimed that 75% of incapacity benefit claimants “are fit and healthy”, dubbing them “a parasitic underclass of scroungers” and handing them a £1,300 cut in state aid:

“The welfare state has also created a brazen culture of benefit “scrounging”, whereby individuals who are perfectly capable of working refuse to do so, and go on benefits instead. They frequently justify this by feigning illness.

“This gives rise to a parasitic underclass of “scroungers”, which represents both an unreasonable tax burden on the working population

What is that if not an attack?





UKIP: Parochialism, Prejudice and Patriotic Ultranationalism.KIP

Not that I can ever endorse Russell Brand, either, for the reasons outlined here: Apathy and the alchemical dissolution: bring on the dancing horses

1380472_552739704795562_483105758_nThanks to Robert Livingstone  @LivingstonePics

9 thoughts on “UKIP: Disability claimants are “parasitic underclass of scroungers”

  1. Apparently a never was there comment mysteriously disappeared form this blog showing that kittysjones is a far right wing fascist so far right she is left of the communist party, come on anyone can make claims with this excuse not to back them up.


    1. Ah, my fav UKIP supporter, still foaming at the mouth. Course I’m a far right fascist, that’s why I am so into human rights, equality and diversity, the NHS, welfare state and democracy. Whoever heard of a socialist writing about THOSE things, eh?

      Anyone reading the blog will tell you that I always back my claims up.


  2. How amusing these deniers are, Kitty. It has apparently escaped Barry Davies’ notice that you actually provided a link to UKIP’s 2010 Policy Statement. They may have removed it from their website, but the proof of UKIP’s words is still available.


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