Pregnant and sanctioned just in time for christmas… Sanctioned and frozen to death….The latest news from Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

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Here is further evidence of sanction targets, Conservative ministers insist they don’t exist.

This week, David Cameron visited Auschwitz, on the International Day of Human Rights. As a prime minister that has contravened the human rights of children, women, and disabled people, and given that he has pledged to leave the European Convention on Human Rights and repeal our Human Rights Act, I can only assume he visited one of the sites where some of the worst atrocities and abuses in our collective history took place for a truly cynical photo opportunity.

Many of us over this past couple of years have identified parallels between the Coalition’s prejudiced, socially divisive othering rhetoric, policy justification narratives and propaganda and those used by the Nazis. The main article, from The poor side of life highlights more parallels. It also provides further harrowing account of the suffering and death that is happening as a direct consequence of Conservative policies.

“We are only following orders” – the Superior Orders excuse – often known as the “Nuremberg defense” because it was presented at the Nuremberg trials as a defense of the actions of those who had carried out Nazi atrocities during the second world war: it was dismissed – it’s NO defense at all, and those tried were deemed fully culpable – responsible for their own actions. They were found guilty.

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The poor side of life

Today was our usual demonstration day. The wind was howling and the rain and hail was pouring down. We were cold but we turn up every week. We will not let the victims of the Job centre down. Whilst handing leaflets out a lady that had said hello to us on previous occasions came running out of the Job Centre. She was upset, crying, she screamed “Why does this place treat you like this?” She is pregnant and has been put on the terrible universal credit scheme. A scheme which really knows how to make anyone suffer. She had fulfilled all her job search requirements. But when she turned up at the Job Centre to sign on they said that she hadn’t turned up for an interview that she never received a letter for. They couldn’t or most likely wouldn’t show her a copy of this letter… that’s if it…

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6 thoughts on “Pregnant and sanctioned just in time for christmas… Sanctioned and frozen to death….The latest news from Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre.

  1. IDS and Esther McVey’s judgement day will be a painful experience for them, all the hurts, harm and deaths will be replayed back to them.
    They unless they repent will spent eternity in suffering and pain with Satan.

    Those who have been sanctioned, lied to, deceived and treated abysmally will find solace in peace with God.


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