The Green Dragon: a charlatan, convicted fraud and a bully

Just before last christmas I wrote a critical article about the Green Party. I was inundated with abuse, threats and insults from members and grassroots supporters, some of which were astonishingly reminiscent of the far-right thuggery and threats I once experienced from the National Front when I was involved with the Rock against Racism and Anti-Nazi League movements, at a time when Neo-Nazi and Fascist rhetoric was becoming more common in the UK.

I was in my mid-teens, hanging out at Wood Street Socialist Club, the Deeply Vale/Pickup Bank Festivals, co-running a local live music venue (The Gaiety, Bolton) and digging being in a band called “Oh no, it’s them again.”

Back in the early 80s I was just a kid, but these were times when I experienced a sense of community and belongingness; of organisation and collaboration; of a cooperative creativity and solidarity amongst a considerably politicised generation of young people, marred only by Thatcher’s oppressive government (though it has to be said that the Tory government probably contributed considerably to consolidating the various movements and campaigns I belonged to.)

It was marred also by my getting my head kicked in by a roughly size 10 Dr Martin boot on the rapid-firing foot of some bonehead fascist on a so-called peaceful protest against racism. National Front affront. I had twenty stitches.

And there was frequent hate mail addressed to “the paki lover,”  written in block capitals, shoved through the letterbox. My flat got turned over a few times, weird stuff happened and I had to move in the end, because the death threats meant that unless I had someone with me,  I was reluctant to go out. But I was a busy gal. Things to do.

That’s when I learned that political activism is often stifled by dirty and dangerous zealots, who believe that freedom of expression is exclusively theirs.

Back to the threats. They don’t stop me doing what I do. They never have.  As an adult, I am not so easily intimidated. Threaten me with a rapidly approaching size 10 Doc Martin nowadays and I will most likely very deftly wrap it around your neck for you.

So, down to the nitty gritty.

The Green Party claim to be “left”, many grassroots supporters also frequently inform us that they are “real socialists,” and that the party is very democratic, yet there as no democatic dialogue regarding the content of my article – that wasn’t criticised. I was.

For example, the following comment from my site is neither socialist in spirit nor does it extend a willingness for democratic engagement:

says: December 24, 2014 at 5:44 pm

You dont know when to shut up do you. People like you get what they deserve and you will. We will make sure. Best put your time in looking after that Jones family. You never know whats around that dark corner do you.

Now I had assumed this was simply the work of unsophisticated grassroot supporters, with a tendency towards bullying, however, I’ve since learned this is NOT quite the whole story.

Amongst the usual abuse and “we know where you live” type of threats, I also got the following:

Henry Worthington
says: December 23, 2014 at 11:44 pm 

Thought you should know that the following has been posted about you on facebook today (not my page i should add) But a facebook user and activist with a host of contacts across Britain, all of whom will now have read this.
“And the ‘spook of the year award’ goes to Sue Jones (below). She hosts a blog under the name of ‘kittysjones’ which she uses to disemminate fabrications against organisations on the left. She appears to being ‘run’ by Scotland Yard’s Confidential Intelligence Unit. Remember her role is to collect information about you and to spread lies and plant false stories about the British left, as can be seen in her latest blog entry. Now she’s been ‘outed’ her capacity to do harm will soon thankfully be over – hope she spent her ’30 pieces’ wisely

Bravo. This Green gets the Thug of the Year Award.

As far as threats go, this is one of the more bizarre from the Green Party membership that I have received.

Nonetheless it is still a shameful attempt at intimidation and an attempt to discredit. And furthermore, it’s a lie of course –  fairly typical of the ongoing green smear campaign that I’ve been subjected to for the past couple of years. Other smears include I have 500 fake profiles, and numerous people, some that I didn’t even know, have actually been accused of being me and have been bullied. I’ve been called a “retard,” a “tranni” and a “Labour troll/shill,” a “UKIP voter,”  a “bunny boiler,” “paid Labour PR,”  amongst many other things.

“Henry’s” email address, which appears on my notification of his comment, along with his IP address, is:

This one was sent as a personal message on Facebook:
Conversation started Tuesday

Henry Worthington                                                   2/23, 11:07pm

The word is youre on a retainer from people in the british nuclear industry Ms Jones? Is this true? It’s certainly a very serious charge, and one which you should be very concerned about Ms Jones. Nothing worse than being publicly tarred a ‘snout’ for the British State. Have a very merry christmas wont you – and pass on yuletide regards to your friends PC Mark Kennedy and co.

Well it turns out that this lying bully is none other than a former “leader” of the Green Party in Wales.

This is the infamous Martin Shrewsbury, a convicted fraudster and charlatan, active in the Wales Green Party and a friend of the Jaguar-driving Pippa Bartolotti.

Shrewsbury was Green Party Welsh Assembly candidate in 2002. He was also health spokesman for the Green Party in 2003, Swansea. He was a lead candidate for the European Parliament and was elected in 2004. 

I was also informed by former Green Anne Greagsby, amongst others, that “Green Dragon” is Martyn Shrewsbury of Swansea.

Another person who has complained about Green Dragon and the general running of the Green Party in Wales is respected environmentalist Max Wallis

I found Shrewsbury on Facebook, apparently he was my friend since 2013, and has many of my comrades as friends, too.  A tad sneaky.

Here he is:

Martyn John Shrewsbury shared a link.

The Green Dragon: Oh dear Cynog

The date on the Cynog Dafis article from Walesonline article is from 17th September 2012, not today as you claim. Are you trying to deflect attention from Pippa’s latest flounce and dennoucement of Leanne Wood and Plaid Cymru that people are laughing at the Greens over?Lets see if you’ve got the gut…|By green dragon

Note the link with “Henry Worthington” again via the Green Dragon blog.

This is a known troll and bully who attacks anyone who says a word of criticism regarding the greens. It didn’t take much investigation to discover a character(s) mired in controversy that has left a trail of very angry and perturbed people. He’s most certainly inclined to tell whopping and nasty lies, too.

To reiterate, Shrewsbury also uses the name “Henry Worthington” whose email address, which appears on the notification of his comment on my blogsite, is:

He also uses the aliasesHenry Strawbridge andBrig Strawbridge“.

And Martyn “Rowlands” Shrewsbury. He has form and history – See: Complaint against Martyn Shrewsbury by Dr. Myron Evans, and Further Evidence of Lying by Rowlands alias Martin Shrewsbury and also Shrewsbury Out!

Thanks to Robert Livingstone for his excellent memes.

5 thoughts on “The Green Dragon: a charlatan, convicted fraud and a bully

  1. Dear Kitty – at first reading I decided not to bother responding, but then I thought I’d better say why I wasn’t going to say anything. My reason ? You are not talking about anything of importance to a Green voter or sympathiser. We care about people and planet – but, some allegedly green supporters don’t understand what being Green actually demands – and some are nutters and I’m sorry about that. I’m not going to investigate or deeply address your complaints here, tracking down the positive indictors of a Greener future – even if we don’t get elected – is far more important and rewarding. When you write about stuff that actually matters in the grand scheme of things I shall reply in detail. Until then, I will suffer like you when I post stuff other bloggers don’t like. See the Telegraph and the Spectator Green threads for good examples of my efforts – which have been attacked much as have your’s. The difference is, this is the first time anyone has bothered to attack Greens – we are having an impact at long last !


    1. You said: “You are not talking about anything of importance to a Green voter or sympathiser”.

      Your own party leaders intimidate people they don’t agree with and behave like thugs, and it’s not important?

      As for trying to liken it to tabloid comment section threads, well I also go on those and get the same. However, whilst we can expect abuse from right-wing commentators from members of the public on right-wing media publication sites, it is NOT on par with a green party ex-leader, health spokesman and MEP deliberately and systematically TARGETING someone and intimidating them like Shrewsbury has. And if your party are so uncivilised, disrespectful, immoral and undemocratic, your ‘impact’ will be short-lived as it’s for the wrong reasons.

      As for you, well you have forgotten that politics is actually about people. You don’t care, clearly, about thewelfare of others. You are weak, have no sense of right and wrong, no concern for others as long as your own agenda is served. It’s people like you that allow the growth of fascism with your Milgram experiment styled conformity.

      If Miliband ever treated anyone like Shrewsbury treats people, I would leave the party I have just joined because I have principles.


  2. The “leaders’ debates” should not be broadcast in Wales or Scotland –

    Posted by Daily Wales

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    Comments (12)

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    Elwyn Jones ‘s avatar

    Elwyn Jones · 9 weeks ago
    It’s a futile polical debate where the peacocks show their feathers. People with common sense have already decided. No one really believes the lies anymore. Why not watch them posturing and belittling each other. It’s free comedy… Just waiting to see who will end up as the head and who the tail, as the some of them all would make a good pantomime donkey at best…
    Matthew Ford’s avatar

    Matthew Ford · 9 weeks ago
    Just a question, if Wales had its own ‘properly representative’ debates would the Greens be included? To my knowledge they do not have any elected representatives in Wales and struggle to keep their deposit in most elections. Personally, I would like to see them. But can you justify it once you’ve taken England out, where they are more successful?
    4 replies · active 9 weeks ago
    Stuart_Evans’s avatar – Go to profile

    Stuart_Evans 81p · 9 weeks ago
    I think the Welsh public would love to see Joanna Lumley on their telly and be surprised that she is the spokesperson for our region of the Green Party of Englandandwales. Hearing her and her thick posh southern English accent would surely see them all looking forward to finding out who the paper candidate is for their constituency so they can vote for them.
    Matthew Ford’s avatar

    Matthew Ford · 9 weeks ago
    I hope they would be more interested in her ideas than her accent
    Stuart_Evans’s avatar – Go to profile

    Stuart_Evans 81p · 9 weeks ago
    I’m sure people will love hearing how Wales needs to be greener whilst simultaneously remaining a colony / dumping ground for the things England doesn’t want.
    Ceredigion’s avatar

    Ceredigion · 9 weeks ago
    Exactly, dumping a super prison on us although we have no overcrowding in our prisons and all the undesirables from their cities because our councils are so underfunded they would accept anybody from cash rich large city councils if the price was right.
    Neil McEvoy’s avatar

    Neil McEvoy · 9 weeks ago
    I really hope that Plaid doesn’t just sit back again and accept exclusion, whilst moaning all campaign about it. Direct action needed.
    Owain Powell’s avatar

    Owain Powell · 9 weeks ago
    Smaller parties refused place in UK TV debates but in Ireland they manage to host TV debate with 10 candidates! If not, Is not an obvious answer is to have debates in England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland? The general election is not an England only election. Of course, the Green, Plaid and SNP has to be involved (if there are to be any TV debates).
    Ceredigion’s avatar

    Ceredigion · 9 weeks ago
    The three main parties plus maybe UKIP will get their voice and agendas on tv, what hope do Plaid Cymru have of counteracting their arguments by only doorstepping people.
    1 reply · active 9 weeks ago
    Stuart_Evans’s avatar – Go to profile

    Stuart_Evans 81p · 9 weeks ago
    I think that is the point.
    ‘s avatar – Go to profile
    (***** Deja vu)
    green dragon · 9 weeks ago
    we note the deliberately divisive and misleading comments on this post from neo fascist stuart evans – are you on a retainer from the british nuclear industry by any chance mr evans?


  3. Excellent, lucid description of the methods used against any who challenge state orthodoxy. The green agenda which our government has adopted is a multiple scam to engender profits for their pals; hike taxes; and destroy or control public amenities. Saying that I believe there are genuine greens out there honestly doing their best to promote more responsible policies regarding protecting the environment for ourselves and future generations.
    The method of accusing detractors or critics of any part of the government sponsored agenda with bullying tactics and specifically the ploy of ACCUSING SUCH A CRITIC AS WORKING FOR GOVT INTELLIGENCE – is a tactic that the intelligence agencies use to discredit opponents.
    I don’t believe genuine greens would abuse you for sensible debate. On the whole they want the important issues aired as much as possible. But govt is determined to control the narrative. Besides, abuse is not an argument and childish bullying makes those that use it look like the fools they are.


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