Tim Salter’s Could Be Fourth Confirmed Death Caused By The DWP

Politics and Insights joins Same Difference and Vox Political in feeling that one such suicide was one too many.

Same Difference

Same Difference can never forget TimSalter – a disabled man who took his life due to Bedroom Tax fears.

His sister, Linda Cooksey, recently told VoxPolitical:

“My brother Tim Salter committed suicide on 25th September 2013.

“The coroner’s report stated, ‘Mr Salter … had hanged himself. He had problems with his mental health and was partially sighted.

“‘A major factor in his death was that his state benefits had been greatly reduced leaving him almost destitute and with threatened repossession of his home’.

“Tim had just over £50 in money and no food in the house when I found him on that Wednesday lunchtime!”

 Ms Cooksey is currently awaiting confirmation from the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman that Mr Salter’s suicide was due to DWP benefit cuts.

If confirmed, this will be the fourth known case directly linked to the cuts.

Same Difference joins Vox Political in…

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