Man walks into Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre, gets sanctioned goes home and commits suicide. Another day outside the Jobcentre.


Source: Man walks into Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre, gets sanctioned goes home and commits suicide. Another day outside the Jobcentre.

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Benefit Sanctions can’t possibly ‘incentivise’ people to work – here’s why


10 thoughts on “Man walks into Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre, gets sanctioned goes home and commits suicide. Another day outside the Jobcentre.

  1. I wonder who is next? I’m reading and watching, as I’m not only waiting for the outcome of last Sunday’s farcical ESA assessment; but I’ve also got a pile of unpaid care bills for my husband that I somehow have to magic up the money for. I don’t despise my responsibilities, but I’ve come to the end of asking for help with anything, now. Doing that only makes things worse.


  2. It is astonishing how well the Tories have managed to turn things to their advantage. Their Skiver / Striver propaganda has been largely accepted, backed by a mostly right-wing media. Now we have reached a point where sick and disabled people are forced to work, under threat of absolute destitution. Foodbanks are now an accepted part of British Life, in 2016 !

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  3. The new rules are a fookin joke first they sanction u then then u loose houseing benefit then ur homeless with no way of getting back to any kind of stability in ur life they may as well just shoot u


  4. This suicide and the various other deaths are exactly what IDS the government and the job centres want to happen, isn’t that obvious?
    Now on the other hand if the guy had come in with a gun and or suicide vest and detonated in the dwp interview offices killing many various employees then this article would be on the main TV news instead of some obscure blog or back pages of the Guardian and Socialist worker.

    I believe Adolf Hitler described the disabled and sick as “useless eaters”, not that he originated the concept but clearly believed this as does IDS, Cameron, even the NHS is in on the act with their “do not revive” policies on people with Downs Syndrome … (recent case in the press) and people/patients over pension age of 65.
    Probably the hospitals may actually be on secret government orders to do so too. Seemingly it looks like the only relatively safe place for people like the suicide guy, the downs syndrome young man, and the “do not revive” pensioners or even the hospital patients on trolleys is HM prison.
    In fact you could even add in prison as an attractive alternative to the many rip-off elderly care homes blighting the country.

    Anyone else agree?
    These deaths are saving millions in their eyes so IDS must be in line for the particular Job centre involved to be given a pay rise all round.
    We need really a sanctioned psychotic to run riot preferably in a DWP and ATOS annual general meeting with a fully automatic machine gun and a large belt of ammunition. Maybe a sanctioned ex para or someone similar… Now that’s a job worth taking… sometime in the future this could happen…let’s pray it is sooner rather than later!


    1. I think it was Margaret Sangar who coined the “useless eaters” phrase. I read your comment yesterday, and it comes shockingly close to my own thoughts of the previous evening. Scarily close.


  5. And if someone did as “Heinrich” says? Particularly someone who could be proven to be mentally ill? What would be the number of innocent casualties who are also trapped into attending the Jobcentre. As if the suicide of our friends and relatives do not hurt enough we would have to live with the murder of those IDS would see as no loss and STILL have to attend Jobcentres while IDS spouts that we should not be afraid that this happens? As in all the American shootings by white gunmen the term ‘mental illness’ already a dirty word to many is thrown around to excuse the part that social systems play in making people despair and take terrible measures. “Heinrich” no more hopes for this than we do because we all know our despair would deepen, people would suffer and the attitude to disability and mental illness would nosedive further. We know this and this is probably why no one has done it yet.

    Note: *To have psychosis is not to be a mass murderer or even necessarily to have violent feelings towards others. This is a stigma of mental illness often carried by the well and we of all people need to be accurate and fair about this. If the DWP, medical professionals and administrators cannot be fair and accurate then WE must raise the game. R.I.P. poor man and heaven help his family. If suicides don’t make an impact on society then guns surely won’t.


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