WordPress theme error: for Fs sake


I usually use the Syntax theme for my site, because its fonts are easy to read and the simplicity of the theme tends to emphasise the content of articles rather than the style. However, yesterday a curious fault developed, and letter Fs were removed from texts – it was any F followed by the letter I or L. So words like “financial”, “benefit” and deficit” were F less.

I tried changing the font first of all, but that didn’t make any difference to the problem.

I was forced to change the site theme, which remedied the error. However some of my articles have now got seemingly random font irregularities and some paragraph spacing problems. Some of the text has what looks like superscript whimsically inserted here and there. I do apologise if you come across any articles that have been re-translated into a facetious font-styled slapstick comedy show with randomly allocated, frivolously large gaps chucked in.

If there are any affected articles that you want to share, let me know and I will address the errors as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, it’s just a case of plodding through each one I find and putting it right manually, editing and updating.

As well as affecting Syntax, it seems the newer Ecto theme has also been blighted by the same “un F ing” error.

WordPress are reporting that: “A glitch with liguatures (like fl and fi) was introduced in the Merriweather font a few days ago.”

These things are sent to try us. Though for what, I don’t know.

Still at least I’m back to being fully furnished with Fs and can get on with being my usual brand of

on my F inclusive site

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