Maximus ‘has falsified results of fitness for work tests’, says MP – John Pring

By John Pring

The discredited US outsourcing giant contracted to carry out “fitness for work” tests on behalf of the government has been accused by an MP of “falsifying” the results of assessments.

Labour MP Louise Haigh attacked the track record, ethics and even criminal behaviour of Maximus in delivering public contracts in the US, during a debate on the work capability assessment (WCA).

But she also highlighted what she described as a “disconcerting pattern of behaviour” by Maximus in the UK since taking over the WCA contract from Atos last year.

She said: “There seems to be an alarming trend of cases being rejected based on factual errors or even – I hesitate to say this – falsification.”

Haigh (pictured speaking in the debate), a shadow Cabinet Office minister, also raised concerns that there was no way for the public to check whether targets set for Maximus by the government – such as the number of serious complaints and the payment of travel expenses within nine working days – were being met.


You can read the rest of this excellent article here


Doctors bribed with 70-90k salaries to join Maximus and “endorse a political agenda regardless of how it affects patients.”

8 thoughts on “Maximus ‘has falsified results of fitness for work tests’, says MP – John Pring

  1. Patel….my mind boggles.

    WCA should be brought back into department. However, until these vicious perpetrators of abuse are out of government, that’s unlikely to happen. Undoubtedly, there are palms being greased and under the table deals being made.


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  2. Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet and commented:
    Atos were bad enough, at least one of the assessors quite capable of lying, but like Atos, Maximus also has a history, especially in the US of incompetence and fraud. Why shouldn’t the DWP invite them to do the same here if it gets the results they want?

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  3. No surprise, they were quite likely to have been asked to do this by this shameful gang of thieves that are called the government. They would not have been hired if they showed even the slightest bit of prejudice in favour of the sick and infirm they were assessing.

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  4. Maximus, offshoot of UNUM (originally, Unum Provident) which is still denying disability claims to policyholders in the US. Still misrepresenting patient information to deny claims. Still hiding data and information from regulators to avoid accountability and prosecution. In 2015-15 accelerating to lobbying the Federal Government and Social Security Administration with propaganda in order to gain authority and influence policy in the future.
    So. How do they do it?

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