A democratic message from Jeremy Corbyn – contribute to Labour policies

Prefigurative, inclusive, participatory democracy in action. We must be the change we want to see.

The Conservatives don’t really do public consultations in any meaningful sense. But they are an essential part of a functioning democracy. Our current government took an authoritarian turn, prefering to impose policies that act upon people as if they are passive objects, rather than including us in decision-making, as autonomous human subjects. The Conservatives have no consideration for democracy, rights, the law and importantly, public needs.

Have your say in shaping the Labour Party’s policy agenda. It matters. 


I had the following email from Jeremy Corbyn on 17 March:

Subject: Help us write our policies for the challenges ahead of us.

Dear Sue,

Last year I said that I wanted us to reconnect with our values and our people, so we can rebuild and transform Britain, for the many, not just the few.

To do this we need to hear from you, our members, to harness your views, passions and expertise. 

At conference I set out ten pledges outlining my priorities. I asked Labour’s National Policy Forum to build on this work, to develop Labour’s thinking in these and other key areas.

Today we are launching eight new consultation documents on key issues we’d like your opinions on:  

Find out more and get involved.

The consultation period runs until Wednesday, 31 May 2017. I hope that you, other members and local parties will take the opportunity to read the documents and send in your comments and ideas.

The more people that get involved, the stronger and better our policy making process is.

The best and easiest way to send in your ideas and join the discussion is via our online home of policy making:


(You’ll need to register an account or use your Labour Login). 

By standing up for what we believe in; by engaging people as we develop our policies; and by building a policy platform together, we can deliver our vision of a more just and better Britain.


Jeremy Corbyn MP
Leader of the Labour Party


Remember: You will need to use your new Labour Login to sign in to the consultation

We’ve been in touch to let you know your log in to some systems is changing – this is so we can get to a point where you just have to use one password and user name to access all Labour systems.

If you have signed-up for My Labour, you will already have a Labour Login and will be able to use these details to sign-in. If not, you will need to create a Labour Login.

17 thoughts on “A democratic message from Jeremy Corbyn – contribute to Labour policies

  1. I am always supporting Jeremy Corbyn and his social Democratic vision. I hope it will change entire world. We can not let capitalism make more and more people in slave. Politicians gave weather tax relief,because wealthy get tax relief to pay donation to the politicians. We must stop this technical bibery. Political donations must be stop. Members of the party could pay to run the party.

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    1. Labour have always been internationalists, like most socialists are. Their core values are set in opposition to nationalism. But I can appreciate Scotland’s desire for independence.


      1. Ok, it showed my anaystics for some reason. Weird. But I suppose it’s because you have to be logged into a site to see them. Will take a look at you site, anyway 🙂


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