Theresa May’s secret plans to replace NHS England with private US healthcare system Kaiser Permanente

Pride's Purge

Kaiser Permanente is a private healthcare organisation based in California.

But unlike many other private healthcare companies in the US, Kaiser provides a complete model of integrated pre-paid insurance along with healthcare which is supposedly provided free at the point of need.

This is a system much like our own NHS but with three major differences – Kaiser’s healthcare provision is much more expensive than the NHS, the healthcare provision side is run for profit and unlike the NHS its cover isn’t comprehensive – it only covers those people who are in work.

Despite that, Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt seems to love Kaiser. He and other ministers have personally visited the company at its California headquarters – several times in fact:

And Kaiser’s own website lists other recent visitors from the UK, including many NHS hospitals and NHS trusts as well as HM Treasury and the Ministry…

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11 thoughts on “Theresa May’s secret plans to replace NHS England with private US healthcare system Kaiser Permanente

  1. Can’t reblog it on this occasion because I already did so from Pride’s Purge, but have used your share buttons to get the message out again. Had a communication from 38% asking what we should be concentrating on and put the NHS first and foremost because everyone has a stake in it’s survival, unless your wealthy, of course. It’s one theme above all others that unites millions of us and the best form of attack against the Tories obvious and crude attempt at dismantling it. We can sort out the rest once we give the Tories the heave ho, but only if we can make sure people can concentrate on this one unilateral policy. Beyond that, if the Labour Party succeeds, it will be a battle to make sure the right wing elites don’t try to remove JC and we must petition them to remove Yvette Cooper from any position of authourity or remind her just who voted her party into office We need people like her, Liz Kendall, Angela Eagle, Alan Johsnon, Chuka Amunna etc. taking the rug from under us like we need another hole in the head. Our work is not done yet, but the prospects of losing the NHS is our best way of not alienating people from certain subjects and galvanising them on the one thing that unites them all. This may be a redundant comment, but keep up the good work(as if you have ever done anything less). Thanks.
    🙂 Susan O’Neill

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