Desperate, underpaid NHS paramedic tells Theresa May: “I’ve seen things no one should have to witness”

Pride's Purge

A paramedic has written a moving description on Facebook (see below) of the difficulties he has to face every day in his job, and how he is paid a pittance of just £12.35 an hour to do it.

This is because the Tory government has over the last 7 years capped paramedics’ and other public workers’ pay rises at 1%.

The cabinet ministers who made that decision, however, have seen their own pay rise over the last 7 years to the point they are making approximately £117.92 an hour*, on top of which they can also claim expenses, subsidies and other perks.

A perfect example of Theresa May’s warped Britain today.

Brian Mear:

I joined the Ambulance Service in 1986.
For over 28 years I worked doing “Front Line” work. That’s Emergency work. Covering 999 calls. For the last 6 years of my service I worked alone predominantly on nights at…

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7 thoughts on “Desperate, underpaid NHS paramedic tells Theresa May: “I’ve seen things no one should have to witness”

  1. Whilst we waste billions on foreign aid and paying our EU dues, our country is going down the pan.

    Sadly, the middle level jobs market has imploded and the jobs that were there 5 years ago are no longer out there or paying what they should. For the 4th or 5th largest economy in the world where has the money gone??


    1. It’s gone to millionaires and rogue multinational companies. And will continue to do so once we have finally left the EU. The real problem is, always was and will continue to be neoliberal new right governments in the UK.

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  2. it’s going to plan for the tories. starve/frighten/shame people off benefits so that you can privatise unemployment insurance. destroy the NHS, by underfunding it,and huge PFI interest payments outsourcing to skim profits and incur huge admin costs with the internal market and underpay as much as humanly possible to send paramedics and junior doctors elsewhere. no junior doctors no future NHS. all the easier then to push for private health insurance for all. the job is more than half done because those that will truly suffer under a privatised health insurance system are the pooer folks who have already been demonised in the publics eyes. but there is hope. most people are not tories and i believe their mission is doomed to failure. but i for one will never forget that they tried it.

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