Call for evidence: Laura Pidcock secures debate on PIP and wants to hear about people’s experiences

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Laura Pidcock, Labour MP for North West Durham, says: “I’m delighted to say that I’ve been able to secure a Westminster Hall debate on Personal Independence Payments (PIP) next Wednesday, the 31st of January. As the debate will be focusing on claimant experience, it would be really useful if those people who have been through PIP could share their experiences of the process, either on here [Facebookor by emailing”. 

It’s very important to raise both political and public awareness of the consequences of  government policies and the harmful and distressing impact these are having on so many of us. The government have denied a ‘causal link’ between their policies and the correlated distressing experiences of disabled citizens. This is a good opportunity for us to present the government with the empirical evidence of that link. 



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10 thoughts on “Call for evidence: Laura Pidcock secures debate on PIP and wants to hear about people’s experiences

  1. Yet another debate while they debate another rip off benefit more will suffer more will just give up the ghost it seems debates debates gives em a voice but after all whots happened over these devils rule they debate oh eck oh dear


    1. The alternative is doing nothing. As this is something that affects me, as well as one of the things I campaign for, then I welcome the debate. Blame the people for voting the Tories in, by all means, but don’t blame the opposition for being unable to change an authoritarian government’s policies from the opposition benches.

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  2. Pip investigation and punishments are equal in distress almost as those people who were found guilty in the First World War and were shot because they suffered from bombs, killing, shootings etc. They were called cowards workshy and more. The governments interrogation is nothing less than kangaroo courts. The doctors who have examined the individual originally having found them to ill to work should have their work accepted. If you were in the army you would have sick leave until the doctor said go back to work. During the war doctors were encourage to get the sick back to war fronts. We are not at war! People should be treated with respect. We are not in the army . We should be treated with dignity not fear and intimidation . Let this policy end just as it did eventually for the soldiers of the war when it was finally recognised they suffered from traumer. Let this terrible policy end. Show compassion and understanding or be dammed.

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  3. Experience as soon as Face to Face assessment date arrives: Sickness, stress; anxiety etc before appt:
    Attending Appt: Cattle Market: 4 or more sat or stood waiting as either early or on time : Assessors taking time or late: Statement made by assessor lies and made up stories by assessor: Waiting game: Messed about by case manages on the other end of the phone at DWP: When MR or Appealing only said component should be taking into account not the whole award unless statedxxx😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
    The whole thing is awful


  4. PIP assessments are traumatic, stressful, and humilitating, the assessor i had lied about everything in my report, now i am having to go through tribunal which is going to be just as bad, i have had 3 strokes numerous tias, my last stroke 2 days before my assessment, she stated i looked fine, i refused to do movements with left side, said she saw me walk 40 mtrs the whole building wasnt 40 mtrs long and in her opinion i could walk over 200 mtrs. I lost all my pip my car everthing so now housebound


  5. Hopefully, this debate yields some positive results.

    I have written Laura Pidcock a rather long e-mail detailing my experience of the build-up to my PIP assessment as well as the assessment itself and the lying F### that did my assessment. Have also told her that I am in the process of a mandatory reconsideration.

    Laura Pidcock even went to the trouble to reply to my e-mail to let me know she will use some of the information I sent relating my experiences in the debate. So was pretty chuffed about that. I generally don’t expect to get messages back off of politicians. I was thinking of writing my MP to complain about how I was treated and such. But there’s really not much point. The MP where I live is a Tory. Been that way for as long as I can remember.


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