The Conservatives really can’t read simple graphs

The Conservatives clearly need some lessons in how to read graphs. Well it’s either that or they have  become extremely at ease with gaslighting the UK public, editing our collective perceptions, accounts, experiences and social history, while presenting evidence that contradicts their lies, unabashed. 

Last week I reported Dominic Raab’s  oblivion to the fact that despite his grand claims that wages were rising faster than they did over the last decade (most of which featured a Conservative government), the graph he posted as evidence actually demonstrated that real wages are lower today than 10 years ago, when Labour were in office. After being mocked a lot, he subsequently deleted his rather foolish Tweet. 

Now James Cleverly is at it. It’s curious that he also presents the evidence that his headline is fake news:

me cleverlyaide cleverly


I wonder when Cleverly – who really should change his surname to ‘Sillysausagerly’ or even ‘pork pies’ – will delete the evidence of his foolish moment?

He claims he could clearly read Jeremy Corbyn’s lips in parliament last week too.

But he seems incapable of recognising what is right in front of him.

I deeply suspect he was being Conservative with the truth yet again.


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4 thoughts on “The Conservatives really can’t read simple graphs

  1. Personally, I believe they are just so thoroughly steeped in corruption and dishonesty that they wouldn’t recognise the truth if it hit them in the face. In the case of Raab – we shouldn’t forget that this odious character admitted he didn’t know the importance of the Dover – Calais link. Thick and thoroughly dishonest.

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  2. He clearly is un-educated but so are many of us – The problem once again lies with the Tory Government who continue to nominate people whose only quality seems to be that they are eagerly prepared to vote for absolutely any policies the Party introduces, and seem not to mind publicising their own lack of knowledge, mainly because they are too thick to know it. What they really hate is the fact that there are many people they call plebs. who are much better informed than they are.


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