A Tory responded uncleverly to ‘I, Daniel Blake’

A great article which ‘unclevers’ Cleverly


Ken Loach’s film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ was broadcast on TV on Saturday evening.  In a direct response to the film and to the reaction to it, Tory deputy chair James Cleverly, the dictionary definition of nominative indeterminism, vomited a few dishonest platitudes mixed with his usual snide.

His words (taken from unclever tweets) are in italics below followed by my jacksons.

I regularly help constituents who have had problems with the benefits system.”
No-one believes that Cleverly has ever helped anyone in his life.  Every claimant has problems with the benefits system because the system was designed by the Tories to be problematic.

“I know that it is far from perfect, can be intimidating and mistakes can have devastating consequences.”
It was designed to be inadequate.  The problems people face are deliberate features of the benefits system.

“The system we inherited from Labour was complicated, full…

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