UN housing investigator’s report exposes Shapps’ lies

The British Government refuses to conduct a cumulative impact assessment of its welfare reforms on the grounds that it is too difficult to do – that the changes are too complicated.Yet the DWP has the unmitigated gall to demand “actual hard research and data” from Ms. Raquel Rolnik, UN Special Rapporteur for adequate housing, who is calling for the bedroom tax to be abolished.They have missed a fundamental point: it’s truly remarkable that Tories loudly attribute the capacity for moral agency to other people – everyone else in fact – people claiming benefits, for example, formulating sanctions and “assessments” to both shape and question the morality of the poor constantly, or demanding more and more “evidence” from anyone that challenges, yet the Tories think they stand outside of any obligation to morality themselves.
It’s always someone else’s responsibility, never theirs. Any claim to value-freedom in decision-making, in any case, does not and cannot exempt the Government from their obligation to International Human Rights Law, moral responsibility, or justify their utter moral indifference  to the plight of the vulnerable.
The purpose of Government in any democracy is to reflect the needs of a population. This Government seems to believe that the population are here to fulfil their own needs, and they are exploiting the vulnerable, stealing lifeline benefits from them – which  we have all paid for via taxes – to profit the very wealthy. This is authoritarianism, and not democracy.
This morning I heard Grant Shapps attempt to trivialise the issue of the Government’s breach of our Human Rights by pointing out that other countries are breaching Human Rights. The Government here have breached International Human Rights standards and law, regardless of whether or not other Governments in the world have done so.
People are dying here, made homeless, we are seeing a massive increase in food poverty, and people are committing suicide because they are so desperate. Human suffering, loss of dignity and death may have many facets, but all of them are equally unforgiving, and when imposed by humans on fellow humans, all are equally unforgivable.
This Government have consistently breached the Human Rights of the sick and disabled. It’s about time something was done about it.

Kitty S Jones.

Brilliant article by Mike Sivier:
UN housing investigator’s report exposes Shapps’ lies.
Thanks to Robert Livingstone for his art work

20 thoughts on “UN housing investigator’s report exposes Shapps’ lies

    UN investigator Raquel Rolnik said this morning that David Cameron’s bedroom tax breaches human rights and should be scrapped, after spending weeks travelling around UK homes and foodbanks to meet those affected by the controversial policy.
    Grant Shapps the Nasty Party Chairman & part-time Internet Conman said the Inspectors comments are “disgraceful” the reason being that it can’t be covered up similar to the Majority of Draconian Measure introduced by this shambles Coalition.Clegg has now started to backpeddle on numerous issues he supported, obviously he is trying to regain some popularity hugely lost by supporting Victorian values reintroduced by the Coalition.This once Great Nation is now no more than a Backwater Island being investigated by the Outside World concerning the Poverty Agenda of the Regime in control here.As Corporal Jones would say “ they don’t like it up em”


  2. My thought here is to compare a type of mechanistic, colour by numbers approach to stuffing poor people that allows a comprehensive, one size fits all blanket morality, which gives the heinous ministers of this thug government a freedom of maneuver where the need for justification is taken from their task in a vein comparable to the Nazis.


    1. This Government have shamed us Internationally, in more than one way, too. But human rights breaches in a so-called liberal democracy?? Good grief!

      Yes, the Nazi comparison was always apt, despite some protest, and now the authoritarian regime we have as a Government have further validated that comparison.


      1. Strange not to hear a Tory banging on about how marvelous the world of Tories really is. All I’m getting is, grim, grim, grim. I miss that Laura Ashley, Morris Minor “chic”! Just a tad of a ham fist on the tiller. Is the Tory new look about penalizing and correction? Need we look again at the Thatcher legacy in terms of a ‘new’ authoritarianism? That’s pure laboratory! New Labour recedes from the scene heading towards 2014 and New Conservatism is landing in this green and pheasant land.. D’oh.


  3. Did anyone notice what shapps had written in his letter to the UN…
    He stated that ‘the abolition of the bedroom subsidy is lawful’…somehow I don’t think he meant to write that,

    what a sociopath or even a bigheaded arrogant sod having this posted online immediately…
    Personally I’m so sick of the tories and being punished by them, this is what good citizens get for not ever breaking the law, sticking to the rules and trying to raise a family while daring to be ill/disabled…

    My circumstances are not great, and like many others i’m trying to pay to keep a roof over my kids heads, none of us could face moving again…

    I came from refuge into my lovely home 7 years ago, our home was specifically for 4-7 people and there were 4 of us, obviously had I refused which I wouldn’t have done, they wouldn’t have helped us..

    There are still four of us, i’ve also lost a child as a baby and I have another elder child in a specialist residential unit, so everytime I pay the tax it’s like a proper kick in the stomach as i’m sure it is for every bereaved parent who is forced to pay for their child’s room, had this not happened to my daughters I would not have to pay…

    I’m disabled, I suffer with spinal problems from my neck to lumbar, have issues with my arms and legs and have Fibromyalgia…There is no way on this earth I could pack up my home, even if I could move for the 36th time (ex care kid)

    I get letters from the council telling me I haven’t paid even when I have, and I’ve been threatened with possession four times already even though I owe approx £100….

    I know i’m not alone, how can any of this ever be right ??


    1. Elle, do make sure that you send your details to Raquel Rolnik. She is asking for specific examples of how this affects individuals. I’m sure your story is exactly the kind of information she needs. Best wishes to you and your family.


  4. Raquel Rolnik has hit back at the ‘aggressive’ behaviour and language of the UK Government following her criticisms of the ‘bedroom tax’, or ‘spare room subsidy’, which she recommended be immediately suspended in a press release yesterday. Shapps has claimed Ms Rolnik of being “politically biased”but of course UN Officials are apolitical when it comes to applying the LAW, which is the same, regardless of whether or not a person investigating a breach of said law is a practising marxist or a practising witch, or a buddhist.

    She goes on to slam the ‘aggressive’ behaviour of the UK Government:

    “It was the first time a government has been so aggressive. When I was in the USA, I had a constructive conversation with them accepting some things and arguing with others. They did not react like this.” Not did
    Croatia, Algeria, Maldives, Argentina, United States, Israel, Rwanda, Palestine, Kazakhstan and Indonesia. In none of these did she experience the same level of hostility and aggressiveness from the government, Rolnik says.

    Bullying authoritarians that shame us internationally



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