A snapshot of stupidity – from a Ukip voter


Quote from an “informed” resident of Clacton, after casting a carefully considered vote…

 UKIP suffers from a chronic, persistent failure to appeal to three key groups of voters – women (because of the chauvinistic and anti-feminist views of Ukip members and politicians); young people (who find the party almost farcically out of touch with their own world-view) and ethnic minorities (because of its strident and emotive language about immigration), but UKIP does represent something of a “blue-collar revolt”- its electoral base is “old, male, working class, white and less educated,” say academics Matthew Goodwin and Robert Ford. This would explain the strong anti-intellectual prejudice. Anti-intellectualism is a dominant feature of far-right politics.

And apparently, in Clacton, so is forgetfulness.

Gosh Carswell, the great “voice of the people” overthrowing that Westminster right-wing establishment…. with an established right-wing member of the establishment…

Ukip: for when the Tories aren’t Tory enough….



 Perhaps it was that toupée that fooled ’em….


Many thanks to Robert Livingstone for his pictures.


UKIP, Conservatism and the racist race to the bottom

UKIP: Parochialism, Prejudice and Patriotic Ultranationalism

Why did people in Clacton vote for UKIP in by-election? Here’s an exercise in superficial thinking

5 thoughts on “A snapshot of stupidity – from a Ukip voter

  1. This really doesn’t need to go up on the site, but 2015 has managed to become transposed into 2105 on the top image. I don’t suppose even Mr Carswell wants to be Clacton’s MP for 95 years! Is it possible to get that changed?


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