Mother sanctioned for taking four year old child to the toilet

430847_149933881824335_1645102229_n (1)A mother from Fife was left without money for a month because she stopped to take her four-year-old daughter to the toilet, making her 10 minutes late for an appointment.

The heartless benefit sanction has left a struggling mother unable to pay heating bills and relying on a food bank to feed her children.

Children’s charity Barnardo’s revealed the mum’s plight but have kept her personal details private.

Barnardo’s Mark Ballard said: “She was without money for four weeks and was unable to purchase fuel cards for her gas and electricity meters or feed her children.

A number of other household bills went unpaid and she had to borrow money from friends and relatives to survive. This put her further into debt and damaged relationships with people who were previously supportive.”

The Scottish Welfare Committee are investigating the impact of Tory welfare reforms on women. MSPs will hear from 12 charities and groups including Barnardo’s, the Scottish Refugee Council, Women’s Aid and the Scottish TUC.

About 20 per cent of women’s income comes from the benefits and tax credit system – compared with 10 per cent for men – according to a study by the Fawcett Society.

Since 2010, £26billion of cuts have been made to benefits, tax credits, pay and pensions. About 85 per cent of those cuts were taken from women’s incomes.

Pregnant women are also being penalised by the sanctions regime, according to charity One Parent Families Scotland.

Clare Adamson, a member of the welfare committee, said: “There needs to be an immediate review of the UK Government’s conditionality and sanctions regime.

The Department for Work and Pensions should not be allowed to impose any more unfair sanctions on vulnerable people. We need the power to put a stop to this relentless assault on vulnerable people and to design a new and better system.”

The UK Government have repeatedly denied claims that welfare advisers are encouraged to hit sanctions targets.

A spokesman added: “Sanctions are only used as a last resort for the tiny minority who refuse to take up the support which is on offer.”

That is clearly NOT the case here. A mother taking a child to the toilet, and being late for an appointment is not someone refusing to “take up the support on offer,” nor was this sanction applied as “a last resort.”

This would hardly pass a test of reasonableness.

Scottish Tory welfare spokesman Alex Johnstone said: “Our welfare reform measures have worked in reducing poverty by getting people off benefits and back to work.”

I don’t believe that depriving mothers and their children of their lifeline benefit, which was originally calculated to meet basic and essential survival costs can ever be considered to be “reducing poverty” or helping this person into work. In fact it’s obvious to most people that such a callous act is likely to do the exact opposite.

There is now a large amount of evidence indicating that sanctions are most often applied in an arbitrary and extremely unfair way, plunging families into severe poverty, with devastating effects on people’s health and well-being.

995658_494538353949031_779653065_nThanks to Robert Livingstone for his excellent memes.

24 thoughts on “Mother sanctioned for taking four year old child to the toilet

    1. Never heard anything so crazy,if your kid needs to go to the loo then they have to go.this country is really going to the to do that to the benefit advisor and see how they bloody like it,disgusting.

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  1. Utter utter callous bastards no other words to describe them, how much is being wasted on the failed UC, tribunals, court actions at every level, a disaster in the making. My heart goes out to this poor woman. They are planning a £50 billion HS2 railway, multibillion Trident costs, another runway for London, austerity a total disgrace, lies, lies lies.


  2. I think this is horrid!!! No mother should ever suffer like that!! If her child needs the toilet then they can’t expect her to make the child wait!! They don’t have public toilets in the jobcentre so what do they expect you to do?! Also I thought they have to give you 3 warnings before sanctioning you? That was the case 7 months ago when I was attending the jobcentre!! I hope the person who did that to her gets suspended from work with out pay!!! Let’s see how they like it??!!!


  3. This country is really going to the dogs,if a kid needs to go to the loo then you would be an unfit parent if you say they can’t because you have to sign on.get bloody wonder people don’t have any faith in the government.


  4. Surely sanctions are illegal? When you get your benefit payments, it states quite clearly that “this is the minimum amount the law says you need to live on” anyone sanctioning you for any other reason other than not abiding to the conditions of claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance is breaking the law. If you do get sanctioned Appeal Appeal Appeal Appeal!!


  5. Do we really think this country is run by the MPs????
    The European Union now runs the UK.
    The EU is totally and utterly EVIL.
    Nothing more, nothing less!
    The Queen has sold us to the Devil. We are the Chatel of her empire that is now owned by the eu.


    1. Er, no. That’s ranting nonsense Maggie. Sanctions are imposed by a British Government using a strictly tory legislation that no-one else supported – the welfare Reforms – with sanctions and the new benefit conditionality drawing on an America concept called “Nudge”, which is at the heart of much British policy-making from the British governments’ British Behavioural Insights Team in the British Cabinet Office. Absolutely nothing to do with the EU. Get a grip, do some joined-up thinking and strive for some coherence.

      It’s the tories that are evil, not the EU. The tories want to scrap welfare altogether, the EU support welfare, though they do not have a say in how each member state organises its own welfare.


  6. There is going to be a backlash breaking out in this parliament with trouble on the streets. Our grandparents didn’t fight and die in World War Two for this, they fought against it. It’s a rabid right-wing political ideology, that’s all it is, and we’re going to see some clearly shaken politicians complaining on TV but they’ve asked for all they get.


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