Benefit cuts “will involve cuts to benefits” shocker

imagesBy Private Eye Political Correspondent Noah Surprise.

There was widespread shock across Britain today that the £12 billion of welfare cuts promised in the Tory election manifesto would turn out to be £12 billion of cuts to the welfare budget.

“We definitely didn’t think these 12 billion worth of cuts would involve people like us,” said one first-time Tory voter, having her child tax credits halved.

“We thought it would only affect those wretched people on those awful benefit shows on Channel 4.” “We feel utterly betrayed by the Tories,” said another father, who is having his family working tax credits slashed.

“Why didn’t Osborne say these 12 billion worth of cuts would affect me? I naturally assumed it would hit people in the North, guests on the Jeremy Kyle show and muslims. That’s why I voted Tory.”

George Osborne has insisted he’d worked hard to ensure that the cuts to benefits were spread evenly between those people most likely to vote Labour and those most likely to vote Lib Dem.

539627_450600381676162_486601053_n (2)Courtesy of Robert Livingstone

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And finally, a timely reminder of Martin Niemöller’s words on the ultimately self-destructive complicity of bystander apathy, because despots never simply attack and persecute the group of your choosing:

15 thoughts on “Benefit cuts “will involve cuts to benefits” shocker

    1. We thought you would only be cutting it to those up north??? cheeky gets!!!. hahaha Well now your with us benefit scroungers up NORTH ,and if not, you will be soon. AND WE Cant wait to hold the door open for you all and welcome you in.

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  1. There is a painful awakening to come for many people. This is just the beginning of a down turn in society, you need look no further to see the way the government is turning ordinary people against each other. Relentless waves of propaganda dressed up as exposes of the benefit system and it’s claimants have already fostered a belief of a feckless selfish loutish group of spongers draining the life blood from the workers.

    Now tacking in a zig zag George Osbourne and his willing boot boy IDS have in their sights a new set of victims.. Suddenly being in a low paid job is also the mark of a loafer, a sponger and a wastrel…And sadly the willing, ever gullible public like Pavlov’s dog swallows every twisted lie as if it is the tastiest morsel.

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    1. 2012 was the beginning of the end of social security, and all of our other post war gains – legal aid, and the NHS. But the tories are far to cowardly and nasty to admit their aim, so they construct elaborate outgroups of scapegoats and jusification narratives, that lack coherence and rationality. Spiteful despotic bastards.

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  2. Well, ain’t THAT a wake up call for those stupid gullible sheeple who voted Tory, thinking the cuts are just going to affect the ‘scroungers’ on benefit. I have news for you, not EVERYONE on ‘benefit’ is a ‘scrounger’, as she found out, even if you’re claiming TAX credit or family allowance – You’re claiming ‘benefit’ and thus, you’re a ‘scrounger’.

    And, regards to those programs on the TV, they’re just there to cause a split in society. They MAY be ‘handouts’ to SOME people but to those who legitimately can’t work, they are NOT handouts, they are a LIFELINE. The wording they are using on those programs are there to deliberately make those claiming benefits lazy layabouts as they target the really bad ones and not the ones who really need and deserve the money.

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  3. Last Sundays Benefits street shocked me immigrants come here leave kids in there own country and parents claim for their kids NOT LIVING HERE. I’ve worked since the day I left school brought 4 kids up with not a single benefit to help me, Im now disabled cant claim a dam thing to hell with voting heres to a revolution THAT’S WHAT TORIES HAVE DONE. Allowed everyone to claim benefits they have more coming in a household then I do WITH A MORTGAGE. I have COPD HAEMOCHROMATOSIS & FIBROMYALGIA Im not in the criteria


    1. Revolution? What? Organised by people who couldn’t be bothered voting them out? Don’t make me laugh.

      You fall into the same blind trap that many do: blame a disempowered minority group for the problems created by government policies, then resent and begrudge anyone getting anything you think they shouldn’t. It’s people like you that have permitted this government to dismantle welfare for everyone. Including you and your children, because of your prejudiced, spite-fuelled thinking and tendency to scapegoat others. No-one is allowed to claim with more coming into their household than you: benefit rules apply the same to everyone. If you have a mortgage, you will have to do what I did, and move into rented accomodation. Unless you have more money than I did, and can afford the mortgage, that is. Your choice. I hung onto my house as long as I could after I became too ill to work, but ended up losing it, all the same. Like thousands of others have.

      I’ve also brought 4 children on my own, I have lupus, and with a life threatening bleeding disorder, but I don’t blame people as poor or more poor than me for the dire state of the country: I blame the policy-makers and those who hold all the power. You have fallen for the tory divide and rule claptrap and shame on you for your lack of solidarity, sense of justice and community vision.

      If you are too ill to work, do what I did, organise reports from your medical consultants and use them to appeal the decision.

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