Soul-breaking government scheme to provide ‘expert’ employment ‘support’ to young people in schools

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The so-called ‘small state’ government have pledged to intrude schools to place ‘demand-led, Jobcentre Plus staff to supplement careers guidance and help schools deliver their statutory duty to provide high-quality, independent and impartial careers advice.’

See government press release: Jobcentre Plus support rolled out to schools.

Isn’t all existing careers advice impartial?

Ah, I see that impartial now means: ‘to inform independent choice,’ according to the newly introduced Careers and Enterprise Company, who will work with Jobcentre Plus staff ‘to ensure schools receive a coherent and aligned offer.’

Aligned to what? 

The needs of local businesses and the neoliberal labour market and not the needs of young people.

To inform independent choice. That’s a bit like saying “If you do everything I say, you will be truly free to make your own choices.  

The Tories are experts in linguistic behaviourism, telling lies and social control freakery, but not very much else.

Impartial. It’s another one of those Tory definitions that mean something else completely. Like helping or supporting people into work, which actually means a crude type of punitive behaviourism  – the imposition of  punitive financial sanctions if you don’t do exactly what you are told, and actually, quite often, even if you do. I’ve never understood how starvation and destitution can ever help or incentivise anyone to find a job, especially when experience and empirical evidence tells us otherwise. The welfare state has been weaponised against the people it was designed to support: a penultimate, vindictive Tory tactic before they completely dismantle it once and for all.

In 2015, the government’s Earn or Learn taskforce announced a new 3-week programme to give young jobseekers an ‘unprecedented level of support that will help them find work within 6 months.’  Personally, I shudder at the very thought of the Tories supporting my own children. I don’t want them anywhere near young people more generally. Regressive and Orwellian Tory ‘support’ has killed adults. There is no conceivable way that this bunch of tyrants can ever be trusted with our children’s future.

From 2017, the new programme will offer ‘an intensive curriculum’ involving practicing job applications and interview techniques as well as extensive job searches, and is expected to take 71 hours over the first 3 weeks of the claim. Welcome to the ultimate libertarian paternalist’s dystopic ‘education’ programme.

This ‘expert employment support to young people’ has been launched by two utterly inept, lying, dogmatic Conservatives with a history of formulating extremely nasty, punitive approaches to state defined ‘welfare and wellbeing’ – Iain Duncan Smith and Priti Patel.

Someone should put them straight: education includes the opportunity to attend college and university. Curiously, the Conservative brand of ‘impartial’ career advice seems to be all about big business ‘leading the way’ by instilling the protestant work ethic in our children. Life and learning is about working for people who make profits. That is the order of the world. 

Children from the age of twelve are to be coached to undertake ‘work experience.’ To clarify, that’s work fare – stacking shelves at Poundland or sweeping floors at your local McDonald‘s, for no pay.

It’s difficult to see what kind of educational process such a Conservative ‘curriculum’ entails, although it does include a sequence of instruction: a barely concealed hidden curriculum which reinforces existing social inequalities by ‘educating’ students according to their class, promoting the acceptance of a social pre-destiny of exploitation without promoting rational and reflective consideration.

A veritable pedagogy of the oppressed.

Duncan Smith babbles:

This scheme is fundamentally about social mobility and social justice – ensuring we give all young people the best chance to get on in life.

Someone should tell this idiot that social justice is all about the fair and just relationship between the individual and society. This is measured by the distribution of wealth, resources, opportunities, freedoms for personal activity and social privileges. It is about removing barriers to social mobility, the creation of social safety nets and economic justice. There is no mention of work fare for adults and children, exploitation, corporate profits and Tory donors in any standard definition of social justice anywhere.

Steve Bell cartoon

It’s not as if the Conservatives have historically shown the slightest interest in and recognition of realising human potential. That’s far too progressive and would require the capacity for democratic dialogue instead of paternalist preaching and lofty class-contingent, traditionally prejudiced, moralising. The Tories have always prefered a steeply hierarchical world, comprised of ascribed social status.

What the Conservatives plan is a blatant programme of indoctrination and political micromanagement to ensure that young people learn their place and accept a future of exploitative, low paid, insecure jobs, without the prospect of real opportunities or the chance to go to university. It’s more psychoregulation and authoritarian politics and has nothing to do with genuine needs-led or evidence-based policy.

And it’s to be delivered in our schools: transforming them from Ideological State Apparatuses – ideologies have the function of masking the exploitative arrangements on which class societies are based – into unmasked Repressive State Apparatuses. Hidden in plain view.

Authoritarianism tends to become more visible and frankly expressed over time.



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3 thoughts on “Soul-breaking government scheme to provide ‘expert’ employment ‘support’ to young people in schools

  1. Great Post Kitty. as dictators have said in the past Work will set you free…
    However it appears only if you are already affluent.
    I have been following Dr Richard Wolff, an enlightened ‘Socialist Economist’ based in the US.
    He is gaining a huge following over there and produces, amongst other things, a monthly tube video. An Economic update on global capitalism. Its in plain english and very enlightening. here is the link to his latest one

    he also runs and co runs two websites

    I found his January update quite enlightening with regards to whats going on globally in the economic sense.

    We are all aware by now that China has become the Manufacturing base of the Global Economy. China made a deal with the large corporations throughout much of the world, encouraging them to move there manufacturing bases to China. Great for profit because of Chinas Draconian Work Ethic and cheap labour costs.
    Only what China didnt bank on was the fact that demand for their products has been shrinking. The 2008 recession is still in full swing and the majority of folks are unable to offer the purchasing power they once did pre 2008. This means China has been overproducing causing problems for the large companies over there.
    So the Chinese are in a process of rebalancing their economy.
    In order to survive this slump, they are focussing inward and like the west have done, are now basing a large proportion of their economy on their own ‘Services Sector’,

    Our Government will be aware of this, and perhaps this is why, in their screwed up logic, they have come up with the unhinged plan to Commodify the Welfare State into a lucrative business model.
    It could be that China begin to encroach more on our service sector jobs. Thus the race to the bottom.
    So the Tories in a Destructively Creative Way, are building jobs and business on their new Model of the Welfare State.
    How many new Corporate Businesses have been designed in recent years explicitly for this purpose?
    Not only do these businesses Use unemployed people, but they now also use The Sick The Disabled, poaching our trained NHS Staff to work for them. GPs working with DWP etc,

    Only now they go Too Far. Expanding the Business Model to encompass Education and Training. A huge indoctrination program aimed at our children.

    DWP Work Coaches in Schools. Welfare to Work Health and Work, Work and Health. Troubled Families. Parenting Classes. Prison Programs. to name a few.

    They all have something in common.
    They can all feed into each-others programs. Its a lucrative cycle as a business model.
    A never ending commodity of victims which can be passed from one scheme to the next and so on…
    Especially when one considers how they intend all this data to be shared.
    And they use Draconian measures such as coersion, Fear and Punishments to bring about Conformity in its Victims.

    We the Working Classes whether in work or unemployed or sick, are being COMMODIFIED in a way which is shackling us all to a life of Work and Subjugation. THE CHOICE WILL BE. DO WHAT WE SAY OR STARVE.

    How is that nothing other than a new form of Slavery?

    Work Will Not Set Us Free. Work is being designed to make us all prisoners of the State.


  2. Reblogged this on wgrovedotnet and commented:
    Scary stuff but then much of Tory policy is frightening and frightful. This is how an insinuative manipulation of young minds starts, lowering their expectations and imbuing them with a set of values which are not theirs but imposed by way of subtle and manipulative mechanisms of doctrines introduced by selective language. It could also be described as Snake Oil Pathological Programming our Youth.

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  3. And all they while the rabid neoliberals talk of ‘mobility’ as if it is a scared right (thus maintaining the status quo and harsh economic stratas in place) when we should be concerned with ideas, policies and economies for a world that no longer requires competitive mobility to live a full, healthy and happy life! Naïve many will say, well what is sensible about an economic world and it’s social relations as commodities of a system built upon greed, fear, scarcity, risk, profit at all costs, instability and the mantra of never ending growth beyond the environment’s ability to sustain us?

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