A Warning For People on Medication for Depression

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This is a warning based on my personal experience. Like many people, I suffer from depression, for which I am, thankfully, on medication. However, the government, David Cameron, George Osborne, the head of the health service, Jeremy Hunt, and their corporate paymasters seem to resent the fact that so many people in Britain now are on medicine to treat this condition. So they’re doing their best to throw people off it. About a year or so I had to go to my doctor again for an examination after I had a repeat prescription turned down. I was told that because the government was concerned about the mental wellbeing of sufferers like myself, they were stopping automatic repeat conditions in order to make people see their doctors. It is, I was told, a condition that can get worse, and so it had been decided that sufferers like myself had to be…

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4 thoughts on “A Warning For People on Medication for Depression

  1. Was there some reason why you couldn’t publish the entire 500 or so word item in the email? I do not like having to download from unknown sites as this is one of the avenues used for virus attacks. I’ll go further, given the fact that you disseminate material that is often critical of government policy, I would not put it past the Tories to use cyber warfare tactics in am attempt to mussel its critics … Fodder for a blog?

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    1. I can’t send all of the blog via email, but you can always use copy and paste, I think. I have experienced some problems, such as being banned from posting on FB for no reason, and people have struggled opening links at times, and I have already posted about these issues. But none of this will stop me writing.


  2. I hope Cameron and his Government rot in hell along with the DR at Rugby St Cross Hospital who gave my Mum the one medication that she was allergic too sending her into a coma which resulted in her death on Tuesday night at 21.09 hrs in ward 40 at Coventry’s Wallsgrave hospital the Nurses on ward 40 were good to her sadly the DR who treated her is a lying b***ard trying to tell me that the wrong medication was not the cause? She only went in with a chest infection which she has had many times before ! This Government has made our NHS under staffed With Drs who do not understand English due to understaffing mistakes are made ! Damn you to HELl Hunt Osbourne Cameron and all the lying Tory bastards on this God forsaken Tory Demolition crew we call Government!!


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