Why are parents in England not doing more to stand up for their children?

Pride's Purge

Soon all parents in England – those of us who can’t afford schools like Eton anyway – will be forced to send our children to one of the academy schools run by Cameron’s fat cat mates.

Cameron has, by the way, very nicely allowed his chums in charge of academies to employ any unqualified Tom, Dick or Harry to look after our children. They’re cheaper you see.

And our PM has also scrapped any official lines of complaint should parents be concerned, worried or even outraged by the treatment of their children at an academy school:

This is what happens when you try to hold an academy school to account… good luck parents

Which means Cameron’s mates can more or less do what they like with our kids and there’s nothing any parent can do about it.

I have only one question about all of this.


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