Tories smear grieving Grenfell relatives as a “mob”, “thugs”, “jihadis” and “twats” – Tom Pride

Tory ideology – leading to austerity, which has disproportionately affected the poorest citizens, and “business friendly” deregulation, which has seriously undermined citizens’ wellbeing, health and safety – has killed many people. The Tories’ despicable response is not about stepping up to accountability and responsibility, it is simply always to blame their victims. We have seen seven years of this abusive gaslighting strategy.

It’s time to put this government out of our misery.

Pride's Purge

A Tory councillor has branded grieving relatives, friend and neighbours of Grenfell tragedy victims “mob rule”:

Hawkins is a Tory councillor:

Other Tories have taken to calling the relatives thugs, militants , jihadis and twats:

grenfell smearsIt’s time for this out-of-touch, heartless government of barbarians to go … 

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10 thoughts on “Tories smear grieving Grenfell relatives as a “mob”, “thugs”, “jihadis” and “twats” – Tom Pride

  1. Every time May exposes herself to even the mildest scrutiny she fails miserably and exposes her inadequacies for all to see. May’s interview on Newsnight must surely seal her fate, what was it that Osborne said.

    She’s a disappointment to the country, Conservative Party supporters must be feeling totally let down by her ineptitude.

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    1. Conservative party supporters know exactly what she’s like – that’s why they voted Conservative at the last election – good god, after seven years of the murderous swine and they STILL chose to vote for the scum? Conservative voters are just like their party – up ladder Jacks with no empathy and no social conscience. They are all psychopaths.

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  2. What does one make of a government which can’t muster immediate appropriate help to 120 bereft families? It puts the posturing over Trident into perspective.

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    1. There were 600 souls living in that building, they’ve managed to save 79. The Tories don’t give a damn about the bereft families, their only concern is trying to absolve themselves of responsibility as usual.


  3. I noted when scanning the newspaper shelves that the Daily Telegraph, aka Torygraph, today (17/6) has labelled the survivors as “extremists.” To Tories anyone who takes an incompetent and lame duck Tory government to task for criminal negligence is now an “extremist”.

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