My furious response to Helen Whately’s malicious communication asking me to join the Tory party

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Helen Whatley

I was absolutely shocked and appalled to receive the following targeted and malicious Integrity Initiative styled strategic communication from the Conservative party:

From: Helen Whately MP, Conservative Party Vice Chair, Women
Sent: 20 December 2018 00:50
To: suejones
Subject: Don’t stand for thisTory psyop 1

Ordinarily I write fairly measured, factual and challenging responses when the Conservatives have previously contacted me. However I am far too angry on this occasion to be polite.

Here is my rapid response: 

No. I wont be standing for this.

How DARE you send this utter crap to my inbox. Firstly, it was ALLEGED that the leader of HM’s opposition made that comment. My friend is deaf and can lip read extremely well. He says that Jeremy Corbyn mumbled “stupid people”. I scrutinised the video footage and agree that he said he did say “stupid people”. Other people who can lip read on social media have said the same. Your party’s orchestrated outrage and howling spite was completely wasted on me.

Your own party’s behaviour was an absolutely disgusting and disrespectful pantomime in parliament, with MPs and Ministers mocking, howling and braying like uncouth, malicious barnyard animals, as usual. You behaved in fact exactly like very authoritarian and stupid people.

I made my own mind up, so you’re wasting your time trying to make it up for me. Here is my own view of the Conservatives’ latest dead cat strategy, along with that of one surprisingly reasonable Conservative MP:

As for your claims about female employment, and wages, I made my own mind up about that too, by looking at the empirical evidence, and your claims are utter rubbish:

That is why the ONS and statistical authority has constantly had need to officially rebuke this government for telling lies and misusing statistical data.

This is not the kind of action that I would expect from a party that was principled and genuinely fighting sexism: Tories reinstate MPs suspended over sex allegations for confidence vote: Labour calls restoration of Andrew Griffiths and Charlie Elphicke ‘betrayal of women’. 

Nor would I expect a genuinely principled party fighting sexism to impose the 2 child policy, the rape clause, the condition that social security is paid to one person in a household – usually males – rather than being split to protect women and children from potentially abusive partners.

You know, people can actually see the chasmic gap between what you say you do and what you actually do. Feigned principles fool no one for long.

Just so you know, I will NEVER join the Tory party, particularly after the way I have witnessed how you have treated ill and disabled people, because of YOUR party’s vile, punitive, patronising and despicably mean spirited policies. Many people worked for years and contributed to the Treasury until they couldn’t any more, and then got treated as if they are some kind of fraud just for becoming seriously ill. Welfare is not your money to cut: social security is paid for by the public FOR the public. 

It was intended as a system of support and protection from absolute poverty, not a system to administer punishment based on traditional Tory prejudices. Or as a source of pocket money for millionaires.

I’ll be voting Labour. Stick your spin “bulletin”, your rotten dead cat strategy and rehearsed strategic comms. where the sun doesn’t shine and rotate it all. Don’t ever insult my intelligence with rubbish like this ever again.

I will be reporting this strategic, profoundly undemocratic and malicious communication, by the way, to the Electoral Commission and other relevant agencies. 


PS. Your email to me, a long standing Labour party member and campaigner, was almost as big a balls-up as this one:  Tories apologise after couple receive letter addressed to ‘Mr Youmustbe F******joking’.



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54 thoughts on “My furious response to Helen Whately’s malicious communication asking me to join the Tory party

  1. Now that there is the slight whiff of a GE in the air are Corbyn’s opponents preparing the ground for a another smear campaign. Did John Mann forwarn (conspire) with TM over his question, she cetainly manged to have all her AS ‘credentials’ all neatly lined up and rather oddly she even managed to shoehorn a reference to misogyny into her answer. (Video is <2 mins)

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    1. My article already reflects that view. I am not responsible for the content of the email – that was sent to me by Tory MP Helen Whatley. My response is published underneath that in the article if you care to read it

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      1. Ah don’t worry! I’ve done just that before now. I’m glad you read it, Rich. I wanted to raise awareness of the dirty tactics the Tories are playing. That’s why I published the offensive and misleading email before my response. Best wishes

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  2. Please tell me why you have not reacted to when Phillip Hammond clearly called a woman Labour back bencher a “silly woman” and before you say it didn’t happen or he didn’t say it. I tell you you were lying as it can be seen very clearly on Social Media.


    1. The TV and press media didn’t react at the time as if Hammond had killed someone in plain sight. Unlike the probably deliberate over-reaction against Corbyn (and then Bercow because he tried to resist Parliament being completely reduced to the state of a circus. (Bit unfair on circuses, that).


    2. Is this comment aimed at me? If so, please read the article, rather than just the top bit which is Helen Whately’s comment in an email that she sent me, not mine. I don’t share her view.


  3. One SNP MP is called “a piece of shit,” another is told to “go back to Skye,” and that’s just fine and completely acceptable, but Corbyn says “stupid woman” or “stupid people” and the whole world explodes.

    Let’s concentrate on the fact that this government is killing people every day, and it’s not through stupidity alone; it is through deliberate policy.

    A stupid government would be bad enough, and they certainly are that too, but one that implements cruel policies, cuts social funding in all kinds of directions, watches the dire and fatal results – and still carries on doing it – is acting no better than the extremes of Nazi Germany under Hitler during the 1940s.

    Anyone who votes for this vile party in the next general election, whenever it takes place, is complicit in their cruel policies. There can be no other explanation.

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  4. The sooner this Nazi- Conservative gang of Hooray Henry’s are consigned to the history books the better! This complete shower of foxhunters would be the subject and reason for a revolution in any other country.Imho.

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  5. Well Done Sue . . .
    The deplorable behaviour of those in power in this country is not only shocking but also undermines not only our political processes but also our country to the rest of the world.
    I can only hope that in the future some resemblance of order will be found and maintained in the House of Commons at all times and that the drunken, drug fuelled behaviour we have had to put up with for years now will just be a bad memory.
    As for being asked to join the Selfsevatives . . .
    I hope you can now afford yourself a little chuckle . . .

    Thank you for everything you do Sue
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . . .

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  6. I was so happy to read this. I hate the useless cheerleader Whately and her toxic fanatical compliance to anything she is told to think and say.


  7. good on you for standing your ground on this and staying with Jeremy and telling the CON’S where to get off good on you i would never trust the CON’S ever or vote for them I have never voted but i will not vote for Jeremy as i believe he will be there for the people not just the few never believed in any one before him to do what he says he will that’s why i will vote for him


  8. Interesting. I’m a constituent who’s been in communication with Helen Whately first about UC (about which she was misinformed) and then my PIP nightmare, which, to her credit, she’s been sympathetic and helpful with. Just checked my inbox and I haven’t been sent a copy! I’ve never shared my allegiances but maybe she (rightly) thinks I wasn’t worth approaching as I couldn’t afford the membership fees.


    1. I’m a labour party member and a known disabled campaigner for progressive policies, so I have no idea why I was targeted. I did once access the Conservative site for research into their campaigning techniques, and maybe I ticked a box for emails and communications. I also write responses regularly on ConservativeHome, which could in no way be construed as remotely pro Conservative!

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  9. Excellent! She is my MP and I’ve had to contact her several times about my ESA benefits being wrongly stopped and I can honestly say she has very little clue about anything other than toeing the Tory line and repeating their tired mantras, i.e. everyone is better off in work etc. The Tory party is just full of stupid people and yes, some of them are women!

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  10. Well said, there are so many of us that can never forgive them for the harm they have done to vulnerable people, or their overall management of the country and the harm their referendum, their hostile environment, treatment of people legitimately in this country, so many other things, their arrogance, incompetence, and merciless blindness.


  11. Kitty that’s a brilliant response to Helen Whately! She claims to campaign for our local NHS services whilst simultaneously supporting their dismantling.

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  12. Dear Kitty S Jones. You are indeed a formidable campaigner and appear to have enormous reserves of strength of will and character which hopefully you can nurture to endure. You have a gift of articulating your thoughts and feelings in a very eloquent manner and are quite special in this ‘neoliberal’ era in that you use these qualities to enhance the lives of others rather than investing them in yourself: the human race is indeed privileged to have you with them at this time.
    Inevitably then, you will find yourself in the forefront of this most testing, challenging and ugly campaign to slow the inexorable march of right wing extremism in our country and have attracted much well earned praise and affection from thousands who have suffered persecution from this vile, political pestilence called ‘Conservatism’. You are a standard bearer for many and a beacon of light in the darkness and hope for others but this will surely draw attention!
    Your exposed position in the vanguard of this movement will make you the ‘target’ of every metaphorical tory ‘attack-dog’, ‘suicide-bomber’, ‘political despot’ and ‘petty minion’ that their crumbling, rotten phalanx can recruit and throw at you as their ever more desperate, scorched earth policy descends to hitherto uncharted depths.
    Take care, keep cool and know that ‘right’ is surely on your side and ‘The Force’ is with you!

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  13. If Corbyn had indeed said “stupid woman”, that would have been factually correct. (Let’s face it, if you are about to enter the most complex and difficult treaty negotiations in the history of the UK, you don’t knock away the props holding up your negotiating position by sending in the Article 50 letter before you have worked out what you can get out of the negotiations, or even, in May’s case, what you want. That’s really stupid). The main complaint against Corbyn seems to be that he allegedly called her a woman. Generally speaking, most people seem to accept that as fact. (Although there are some who think that she Is a badly-programmed robot – see John Crace’s Parliamentary sketch in the Guardian). Nobody seemed to complain that Corbyn allegedly called her stupid, so presumably most people, even in her own party, agree with that part.

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  14. I would suggest that to call May stupid is a massive understatement. In my personal opinion Theresa May is dishonest, corrupt and unbelievably stupid. JC4PM, ASAP.

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  15. if you have not elected to recieve information like this you should report to the ICO here is a link to the .gov page – at time of writing the ICO page is down. they should be fined for sending out unsolicited marketing

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